• FAQ   What are we doing today?Your work assignments & agendas are posted in the Math Canvas Class.  Please check every day [there might be updates/changes made right before or even during class] so be sure you refresh|check|complete before the due date(s).  Also, see canvas's work or quizzes *available until date* in Assignment Tab for the very last deadline.  Please follow any instructions or details when it is given by Ms. Nong during class or written on our boards.
    When is your work due?
    Projects and important assignments have due dates posted in Canvas Class/Aerie portal or on boards in our classroom.  However, daily assignments need to be done on the same day [week] it is given, it becomes your homework when not completed within the class time given and you might have to work outside of class time to turn it in.  If Ms. Nong graded and given your work back to you, you could keep EVERYTHING safe in your math notebook or at home.  Remember: when assignments are checked-in only, you do NOT turn in but keep it SAFE jic.  When in doubt, just KEEP & SAVE all work until June.
    How is late work graded?
    1 point deducted for each day late without permission.
    How do I know what is missing or not graded?
    Check your Aerie grade portal often or at least ONCE per week.  You have a missing grade if:
         -No grade shown for an assignment past the due date or a grade of 0/4 or a RED box.
         -Grade 3.1/4 means work is missing points or it's not meeting requirements.                 Check it
         -Grade 4/8 partial credits [or NC when 2 assignments are graded and you turned in only one out of two assignments].
    NC - means Not Completed or No Credits when no work turned in
    Why did I not get credits for the work?
    You did not write down your First name,  Last name, Period, and/or assignment # [title] which resulted in Ms. Nong unable to find you or the correct work to give credit for.
    It may also be too late and there are no more points to be deducted for this late work.
    How come I still have work missing or grade F when I turned it in on Thursday or Friday?
    After the sync date posted in your Math Canvas class, late work|quiz and new grades.. will not be updated in Aerie until our next sync date [usually Sync happens on Thursday weekly.]  Please remember work turned in late after due dates will be graded late & sync at teacher's discretion.  
    On *JAMBOARD* a digital work with ANNOTATIONS
    Student asked: For some reasons when I submitted the work it uploaded all of the unnecessary slides (previous assignments/pages) that are not required for the assignment work?
    You could try taking a screenshot when completed to turn in just that 1 work 
    Where do I turn in work teacher requested or Excused note or anything you want Ms. Nong to notice ?   
    White trays [I have 2 white trays: each is located on the teacher's desk in the front of the classroom.  Most papers [if not all] are now turned in through math canvas class to keep everyone healthy and safe :-)
    In Canvas Class, you click Mark As Done or TURN IN or SUBMIT assignments at the end of quizzes/tests/Google Form.
    Only turn in requested papers when asked or collected in class.  All other papers are check-in at a given time in a designated place for credits and you must keep it SAFE & READY to study.
    Do I correct work before or after I turn it in ? [Esteban]
    Excellent question.  I'd recommend you check & correct before turning in assignments.  However, answers may not always be posted early enough, so as long as you do the check|correct process  then it's ok either ways.
    Can you not do work every day and print work on one side only ? [Devon]
    I do my best to give time in class for you to complete assignments, but sometimes we have to do what it takes to learn.  And math requires you to practice [hmm..lots of practice?] not just see or hear it only.
    Can I make up work?
    Absolutely YES before *availalbe until date* in Canvas!  Do it as soon as you are back after an absence, you may already started or completed it even during the time you are out of class because most assignments [tasks] are posted in your Canvas Class [or school website].
    Do NOT wait until Ms. Nong give missing work to you, ask your friend [teacher] to pick up or make up missing handouts [grades] on the first day back from your absence.  You may even print it at home, at school library, or the Higher Ed. Center.
    Make-up a work [grade] is your own responsibility and no one else.   
    Own it! It's your work your grade and no one else.  
    Common abbreviations used:
    TBA - to be announced or post in class
    TBD - to be determined
    C4U - check for understanding - quiz|test
    None-Math credits?
    Attendance points - when started.. 2 points counted for each unused pass per six week 
    Attendance points
    - when started.. 2 points counted each day - 1 point restroom - 1or more points if you do not follow directions|procedures
    ClassDojo: given for on task  or engaged students
    Other EC or Math ExtraCredits will be available or announced.. on going pending on school activities or events.. etc.
    Classroom procedures and|or violations:
    Warning - this may not be followed in order depending on the nature and seriousness of the violation
    Point(s) Deduction - minor
    Sent out for a talk|Detention - minor
    Call home [parent|guardian] and|or meet with a case carrier,  a counselor | AP... a Referral or more serious consequences may be decided. 
    It's tedious | not interesting:
    I'm sorry for how you feel.  And yes, you are entitled to feelings, but we still need to get our tasks|assignments done.  I will try to get Math to you in various ways, such as notes, flashcards, video lessons | game activities, and/or animations and I am open for your suggestions to make Math better  [please email]  :)
    What should I do when completing assigned Math work early?
    You can 1. Be sure all directions and questions are completed.  2.  CHECK/CORRECT answers.  3. Contribute by helping the teacher or a friend but do not let anyone copy or get a hold of your papers [think long-term].  I also recommend CHOICEBOARD posted in Canvas and you could make the most out of your class time by building pertinent skills such as Good SAT vocabulary End world hunger [mouse over & click to open these links] or Type racer (fun) , another typing practe website ...