• FAQ   What are we doing today?Your work assignments & agendas are posted in the Google Classroom.  Check every day & make sure you complete it.  Also, read the agenda on Smartboard / PowerPoint when Ms. Nong post it during class because there are more details then space allowed in Google Classroom. 
    When is your work due?
    Projects and important assignments have due dates posted on the boards and Aerie grade.  However, daily work(s) including classwork, homework, and schoolwork...etc need to be done on the same day it is given, it is your homework when not completed within class time and you must make sure to check it in to get credit.  These work(s) are graded/credited within the week [or 2 - 3 school days.]  If Ms. Nong collected your work(s), graded, and given it back, you should always keep it safe in your notebook!  Remember: when assignments are check-in only then you do NOT turn it in.  It must be kept safe inside your math notebook until June (end of the school year).
    How is late work graded?
    1 point deducted for each day it is late.
    How do I know what is missing or not graded?
    Check your Aerie grade portal often or at least once per week.  You have a missing grade if any situation below apply:
         -No grade shown for an assignment past due date or 0/4 or a red box.
         -Grade 3.1 out of 4 means work is missing all requirements or not following teacher's directions.                 
         -Grade 4/8 partial credits [2 or more assignments are uploaded and you have turned in only one of them].
    Why did I not get credit for the work?
    You did not write down your First name,  Last name, Period, assignment title, or when there is no more points to be deducted [it is turned in TOO late.] 
    Where do I turn in work?
    Frequently, you will be asked to SUBMIT work(s), quizzes, and tests, on the Google Form.  Copy questions & show ALL work inside your notebook [paper].  You must keep ALL your papers safe until June.  There is a turn in tray on teacher's desk when papers are collected, please ask teacher if you are not sure which tray.  Only turn in work assignments announced during class [GoogleClass], all other assignments are check-in for credits only - keep it safe to study!
    Can I make up work?
    Absolute YES!  Do it as soon as you are back after the absence, even during the time you are out of class because most assignments are given in your Google Classroom & Ms. Nong's school website.  Do NOT wait until the teacher give it to you, ask for handout or work you do not have because make-up is your responsibility. 
    Extra or other work?
    TBA - To be Announced or given in class.  Recommend: Good SAT vocabulary End world hunger or Type racer (fun) , Typing