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  • *The photo is Mrs. Rodebaugh with a statue of Chaucer who wrote The Canterbury Tales in Canterbury.
    Mrs. Jeanne Rodebaugh
    Century (714) 568-7000 
    Department: English
    Teach Academy
    Early College

    Schedule                             Room 422

    Period 1 English 101

    Period 2 English 10

    Period 3 English 101

     Period 4 English 10 

    Period 5 preparation period

    Period 6 release period

    Beautiful Classroom Library--
    ANY student may stop by and quietly borrow an exciting book from my Pinterest-Worthy class library at any time. The checkout is on the honor system: No formally signed check-out sheet, simply return book(s) when finished.  I trust you.
    Students read a book of at least 100-150 pages (or more) every 3ish weeks, then in 2 minutes, explain/prove it to me.  This is a large part of the class grade.  A student may fail this class if reading is not done at home and reported on. 
    Students are given an update of their grades every 2 or 3 weeks.  I do accept late work from tenth grade students (for a lower grade) until the end of each six-week period as per the English department policy. Parents and students can check assignments and grades at any time on Aeries using your own password given through the Century Wellness Center. ***Grades in Canvas are not accurate, as Canvas does not count assignments that a student does not turn in as a 0, Canvas ignores them completely. Aeries has the most accurate grades. You may check specific assignments to make sure you turn them in into Canvas, but only go by Aeries for your current grade.
    1. Show respect.
    2. Do your best.
    3. Make good decisions.
    4. Solve problems.
    5. Be responsible.
    All phones must be placed in the phone pocket assigned to the student from the beginning of class, until class ends.
    No: phones in sight, earphones or earbuds of any kind, hoods worn in class, hats, food, drinks, gum, Sharpies, cheating.
    ⭐️BA in English Education from CSU Long Beach.
    ⭐️MA in English from Chapman University.
    ⭐️I taught at Lathrop and Villa before coming to Century in 2009.
    ⭐️I have been teaching since 1994.
    ⭐️I am married to Mr. Rodebaugh, who teaches seniors here and we have a daughter, Esme, who just graduated from UC Davis this summer.
    ⭐️I enjoy reading, walking, listening to music, and traveling.
    We traveled to Davis for Esme's graduation, to Canterbury, England for nephew Joel's college graduation, and to London for fun while we were there.
    We also saw Taylor Swift at SOFI.