2023 Scholarship Baskets
    What is the Program:
    This year we are beginning the process for our annual Scholarship Basket program which closes at our annual Academy Awards which will be held May 17, 2023.  All money raised in the fund-raiser will be placed into a special account to be used exclusively for scholarships for next years college-bound e-Business and TEACH academy seniors.  As an incentive thematic baskets are assembled by the academy classes, academy teachers, community groups, educational institutions and business partners. The money raised will help the inner city kids of Santa Ana as they transition to college. Many of these scholarship winners are the first in their families to graduate from high school and the first in their family to attend college.
    How Does it Work:
    With each dollar donated, the donor has the opportunity to have their name entered into an opportunity drawing for a basket of their choice. The academies will be holding the drawing for the themed gift baskets at our Academy Awards event. The money raised from the program will be awarded as scholarships and divided between applicants of both the TEACH and e-Business academies.
    How are the Scholarships Awarded:
    Each senior applicant must meet certain academy requirements to be eligible for the scholarship. Then they must complete a simple scholarship application and write a one page essay with rational of why they should receive a scholarship. After the applications have been completed they are read and scored by the scholarship award committee and monetary amounts decide upon for the top applicants. The winners are announced at the Academy Awards ceremony and checks are awarded through the Santa Ana Rotary Foundation.
    How can you be involved:
    People can be involved in three ways. First, they can donate online and participate in the fundraising of money for these scholarships. As stated before, each dollar donated will be associated with a donated basket and a donation for that basket adds 1 dollar to the scholarship total.  Second, we are always looking for individuals or community groups to support our program by donating theme baskets this helps generate interest.  Lastly, everyone can help by sharing the online donation link to friend and family and to help spread the word of the program. A post on Facebook, LinkedIn or Instagram can go a long way to help raise money. 

    Thank you for your support in this effort to help change the lives of our students and for everything you do. If you have any questions, feel free to email them to me at James.Oveson@sausd.us


    Jennifer Yaeger                                                     James Oveson

    Project Director, e-Business Academy               Project Director, TEACH Academy

    Century High School                                           Century High School