• Facilities & Governmental Relations

    The Facilities & Governmental Relations Division is responsible for the planning, construction, and maintenance of all schools and ancillary facilities within the Santa Ana Unified School District.


    • The PLANNING section is responsible for planning and funding the construction, expansion, and modernization of schools within the district. Planning is also responsible for maintaining school boundaries, enrollment projections, and short- and long-range facilities planning.
    • The CONSTRUCTION section is responsible for performing the work at schools and ancillary facilities that meet the scope of work developed in conjunction with the planning section.
    • Maintaining the buildings and grounds is accomplished through the BUILDING SERVICES Department. Building Services is essential to ensure we provide a safe, effective, well-maintained learning environment for students and staff. 
    Click on the link below to review a presentation outlining some of the responsibilities of each division within our Department.

    PowerPoint Icon   Facilities Matters Presentation


    Facilities & Governmental Relations Team

    Orin Williams
    Assistant Superintendent
    Evangelina Lopez, Executive Secretary
    (714) 480-5356
    Email: evangelina.lopez@sausd.us 

    Vacant, Facilities Accountant
    (714) 480-5371
    Silvia Topete, Account Tech

    Building Services

    Director of Building Services


    Grace Quintero, Administrative Secretary
    (714) 796-9076
    Email: grace.quintero@sausd.us

    Mary Binninger, Civic Center/ Facility Rentals
    (714) 796-9079

    Construction Services

    Andy Putney
    Director of Construction
    Ivonne Pittman, Administrative Secretary
    Etil Guillen, Construction Administrative Technician

    Facilities Planning Services

    Jeremy Cogan
    Director of Facilities Planning
    Angie Fournier, Administrative Secretary
    (714) 480-5355
    Email: angie.fournier@sausd.us
    Kathleen Gil, Facilities Planning Technician
    Email: kathleen.gil@sausd.us

    Developer Fees

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Last Modified on September 9, 2021