• Unified Workspace


     Unified Workspace (UW) is a web-based application that delivers secure remote access to your desktop services.  From UW you can access storage and shared files, a password locker that remembers your login credentials, district apps, and a centralized hub for all of your digital resources.
  • Get Started!

    Step 1: Login using the same credentials as your Outlook Email
    Username: (first name.lastname)
    Password: (sausd email password)                  
    Step 2: Visit the Password Manager in Unified Workspace
    • Click on Account
    • Select Password Manager
    • Re-enter the password you used to access Unified Workspace
    • You may now edit usernames and passwords


    (Click for Video)

    Step 3: Enable your Password Manager to save credentials for you
    • Enter usernames and passwords for each app
    • Click the "eye" to reveal text 
    • Confirm your credentials
    • Click Save
    (Click for video)
    Want to customize your Unified Workspace?