• Alternative Dispute Resolution 

    What is Alternative Dispute Resolution?

    Alternative Dispute Resolution (“ADR”) is an informal method of resolving disagreements without litigation. ADR uses specific techniques to promote understanding, open communication, and arrive at satisfying solutions that support and strengthen relationships. ADR is designed to meet the interests of all parties involved, which results in a crafted, mutually agreeable outcome, rather than having a decision made by a third party such as a hearing officer or judge. 

    Why use ADR?

    • Build trust
    • Talk without being interrupted
    • Be truly heard 
    • Hear all perspectives
    • Ask questions without judgment or blame
    • Work together to identify the actual problem 
    • Brainstorm solutions
    • Save time

    How do I Prepare for an ADR Meeting?

    1. Review current and previous IEP documents and assessment reports
    2. List things that have worked in the past
    3. Identify what you like about the current proposed IEP
    4. Write notes about your area(s) of concern and what you suggest should be included in the IEP instead
    5. Come to the ADR meeting with the plan of solving the problem together

    Who can I contact about ADR?

    Rae Rice, Executive Director of Special Education

    Phone: (714) 558-5810          Email: Rae.Rice@sausd.us

    Click Here to request an ADR meeting                             Click Here to view our ADR Pamphlet