• Frequently Asked Questions

    For more information, please call (714) 241-5000.
    Q: During COVID-19, will Segerstrom High School enrolling students?
    A: It varies. Depending if we have room, we will begin registering after the 4th of July.  If not allowed back on campus, please email Salvador Lopez at salvador.lopez@sausd.us to receieve information and a packet via email. Once submitting a packet, documents needed will be  scanned and emailed directly.  
    Q: How many freshmen does Segerstrom High School admit each year?
    A: It varies. We receive our total enrollment figure from the school district and calculate the number of freshmen we can take. This past season, Segerstrom enrolled approximately 740 freshmen. During the 2009-10 school year, we admitted only 640 freshmen. Due to lower numbers of resident and sibling priority registration this year, we were able to take 200 students in our most recent lottery.
    Q: Is the Priority and Lottery Registration period the same for upperclassmen as it is for incoming freshmen?
    A: No. Our Priority and Lottery Registration windows are for incoming freshmen only. Upperclassmen wishing to attend Segerstrom must put their names on our waitlists and wait for space to become available.
    Q: When does Segerstrom call students off of the waitlist?
    A: Segerstrom usually calls students off of the waitlist during the spring and summer months as we determine our enrollment for the following year. Segerstrom also calls off the waitlist at the semester and at the end of the school year when non-invites are issued. Since Segerstrom is a school of choice, students may be issued a non-invite at the end of the semester or at the end of the school year. Non-invited students are then transferred to another comprehensive high school, thus making space available. 

    Q: My sophomore was called off the waitlist, but she attends high school with her older sibling. May I enroll both of my children since one was called off the waitlist?
    A: No. The available spot is only for the student who is called. Siblings will be called separately according to their place on their own grade-level waitlist.  

    Q: I didn't get into Segerstrom this year, and I am #125 on the waitlist. If my name is not called this year, what must I do to keep my name on the waitlist for next year?
    A: Nothing. The waitlists roll over each year. If you are on the waitlist as a freshman and are not called, your name and place on the waitlist remain.

    Q: I moved into the Segerstrom boundary area after the Priority Registration and Lottery windows closed. Will my student be at the bottom of the waitlist?
    A: Yes and no. Residents who moved into the boundary area after the close of Priority Registration will be placed on a Priority Waitlist. Your student will be at the bottom of the Priority Waitlist, not the Lottery list. Students will be called from the Priority Waitlist first before the Lottery Waitlist is called.

    Q: I missed the deadline to enroll my incoming freshman during the Priority Registration period, but his older sister attends Segerstrom. May I enroll him anyway? Wouldn't he have priority on the waitlist?
    A: Unfortunately, no. Siblings who miss the Priority Registration window are treated as lottery students. Your incoming freshman would be placed on the regular waitlist.
    Q: I just moved into the Segerstrom boundary area. My student is a junior. May he enroll at Segerstrom?
    A: Not yet. Your student would be placed on the Priority Waitlist for juniors. When the school determines that there is room for juniors, those on the Priority Waitlist would be called first. Meanwhile, your junior needs to enroll at another comprehensive high school.
    Q: My incoming freshman was admitted to Segerstrom through the Lottery. We also have a junior attending another high school. May our junior enroll at Segerstrom now that her younger sister has been admitted?
    A: Unfortunately, no. Your junior needs to be added to our junior waitlist and continue attending her current high school until her number is called.
    Q: My student is a sixth grader at an SAUSD intermediate school. May I place his name on the waitlist?
    A: No. Segerstrom does not create a waitlist until after the registration process has ended. The best way to make sure your sixth-grader is admitted to Segerstrom is to keep abreast of the deadlines when your student enters the eighth grade and to make sure that you complete all paperwork within the deadline period.
    Q: I want to make sure that I don't miss the deadlines to enroll my eighth grader for next year's freshman class. How can I find those dates?
    A: As soon as we confirm our registration timeline with the Santa Ana Unified School District central office, we will post our deadlines on this website. Current Segerstrom students will also bring home a sheet of enrollment information which includes a section for parent/guardian signature that must be returned. All of our intermediate schools receive the same information to distribute to their current eighth grade students. The best way to make sure that you don't miss the deadlines is to check back on our website regularly.
    Have more questions? Call us at (714) 241-5000.
Last Modified on April 30, 2020