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    Welcome to Mr. Miranda's high school website!
    World History CP. G Class  hxgxt53  0 per 
    World History CP. G Class  q2pu3su  1 per
    AP Economics.  G Class  h4utrb2  2 per
     Homeroom  See Agenda
     Prep Period  3 per
     CP Gov/Econ. G Class 6rqnmtg  4 per
     CP Gov/Econ. G Class ivjasec  5 per
     CP Gov/Econ. G Class rd72x73  6 per

    Covid-19 Closure: We are now entirely using Google Classroom. G Class codes are above with corresponding subject/period. Office hours are held via Google Meet. The link will be posted in Google Classroom a few minutes before office hours. 

    World History: Mon & Wed 10-11am. 

    CP Econ: Tues & Thurs 10-11. 

    AP Econ: Wed 12-1. 

    *Please be prompt. Most do not last a full hour. Bring questions so we avoid just staring at each other.  ;)

    Tutoring time: My official day is Tuesday after school, but I'm always here before school, and after school (but I ask that students come immediately after school as I pick up my son). I can stay up to an hour after school, but most kids are done in 30 minutes.
    Detention: After school (see Tutoring time). It is due the day of the infraction, but if they can't serve it, it counts as the 1st "No Show". I know they have other things (sports, tutoring, detention with another teacher, etc).  If they fail to serve it by the 3rd day(or make arrangements with me), they will be given a referral as a "3rd No Show".  
    Example: Joe receives a Detention Monday in class. He has Monday afternoon, after school Tuesday and after school Wednesday to serve it. If Joe has not talked to me before Wednesday after school, Thursday in class he will receive a referral as a detention "no show". 
    If you need to contact me, do so by email at...(I check frequently during school hours, best time for contact)
    CUT & PASTE ADDRESS TO YOUR EMAIL SERVICE. I have experienced un-received emails from the link below.
    DO NOT USE the sausdlearns.net email. I never use it, and I will never get it.  

    Grades:  Use the Parent Portal on School's main webpage to chech Aeries.

    ...and just to add some anthropology into the mix,
    here is the school mascot spelled several different ways...
    in ancient Maya!
    This is U.C.L.A winning the College World Series. Go Bruins!
    National Champs
Last Modified on April 13, 2020