• Segerstrom Stakeholders:


    In an effort to maintain both a safe and secure teaching and learning environment for our staff and students, Segerstrom High School is implementing the following process for access to all school buildings.


    • During school hours, all visitors must use the main office entrance;
    • Visitors will not be allowed into school buildings including classrooms during school hours without a scheduled appointment;
    • Under no circumstances are staff members allowed to welcome visitors into school buildings without prior approval and proper documentation;
    • Authorized vendors and off site school district employees must have an employer-issued ID in order to access any classroom or building;
    • School visitors must sign in at the front desk and present their driver’s license or picture ID. Once validated through our Raptor system, a visitor pass will be issued and MUST be worn at all times.


    Please be advised that visitors who arrive without an appointment, proper identification, and/or prior notice will experience significant delays and may not gain access to the building or person you are requesting to visit.