Segerstrom High School's Instructional Leadership Team (ILT) meets monthly to assess schoolwide progress, to assess the effectiveness of the educational program, and to provide guidance regarding changes and adjustments to the school for the benefit of all students.
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    Math: Tim Werdel 
    English: Melinda Barron
    Science: Kevin Schultz
    Social Studies: Sean Decker & Amelia Mateo
    VAPA: Brenda Loh & Shelby Stoewsand
    PE: Adrian Gomez
    Foreign Language: Rosalia Escutia
    Guidance: Frankie Gonzalez & Gabrielle Griset
    Athletics: Nick Canzone
    Activities: Shelby Stoewsand
    AVID: Lillian Altamirano 
    ELD Coordinator: Amber Lund
    Library: Stephanie Gerdes
    Mid-term WASC report: Ismael Coronel
Last Modified on April 9, 2019