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  • Course Objective:

    The AVID program is aimed at directing students to a college-bound path. This will be done by holding tutorials, teaching organizational skills, and developing the learning process with critical thinking skills.  We will also be visiting colleges and doing community service and team building exercises to help the students set future goals that they can achieve.



    Twice a week the students will be expected to bring specific questions from their other classes and work together in groups to solve them.  Ideally, there will also be two or three tutors in addition to the instructor to guide them though the process.  Tutors will not be handing out answers, but helping the students find the answers themselves. 


    Organizational Skills:

    Students will be expected to keep a three ring binder with all the notes and materials from their other classes.  They will be taught how to organize the binder and it will be checked every Friday.  Within the binder they will also be taking Cornell Style notes, which will organize their review material and their learning.


    Critical Thinking Skills:

    Students will be engaged in activities designed to develop the learning process.  These activities include goal setting, writing assignments, Socratic Seminars, group problem solving and in class projects.

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