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    A Message from Mrs. Maldonado and Ms. Sandoval (Special Education Teachers)
    This is the last week of school. Please continue to check back here for information regarding summer school and the summer distance learning program. Ms. Peck will be teaching this class throughou the summer.
    Have a great summer, stay safe and healthy, continue to check this webpage for information.
    Hi Everyone,
    We want you to know that we are thinking of each of you! We hope you all are safe at home. Below you will find a weekly schedule to help your child as they continue to learn from home. We hope this distance learning schedule will be helpful. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns. Also if there are any specific things your child may need during distance learning please don't hesitate to reach out to us. We are here to help.
    Stay Safe and Healthy!
    5/25/2020 Theme: Graduation, End of School Year, and Shapes






    Reading and Writing Day


    Read the News2You story

    “2020 Graduation Ceremonies”


    Vocabulary Words

    1.     graduation

    2.     school

    3.     summer

    4.     congratulation

    5.     over

    6.     finished

    7.    college

    8.     different


    Complete the worksheets with your child.


    Math Day


    Find objects around your house that your child can use for counting.



    1.     Dried Beans

    2.     Pennies

    3.     Buttons

    4.     Pens/pencils


    Practice having your child count to 10 (or more if possible)


    Then have your child give you a certain number “give me 2 pennies”


    You can also have your child do simple addition or subtraction problems with these items.


     Tally Charts and Bar Graphs

    Focus Math

     What the video from BrainpopJr on Tally charts and Bar graphs.


    Take a tally of your family members for the following question.


    Which weather is your favorite:

    Sunny, rainy, windy, or snowy


    Create a tally chart and a bar chart with your results.

    Self Help Day


    Have your child help you around the house today. Give them chores to do daily.


    Here are some examples:


    1.     Sweep/Vacuum

    2.     Wash/Dry dishes

    3.     Fold/Put away laundry

    4.     Set the table at meals

    5.     Clean/dust

    6.     Check the mail





    Pick a game to play with your family. During game play practice using your words 


    “my turn”

    “your turn”

    “I like this”

    “mom, help me”




    Back to School Bingo · The Typical Mom

    You can cut out these pictures and match them!


    Arts and Fun Day




    Shapes are all around us. Fine something that has a shape in your house, like a cup, trace the cut and over lap it to make something similar to the example below. Then color the different sections in different colors.


    You can also cut out pictures of different shapes in magazines.


    News2you Article


    News2You Regular Version

    News2you Simplified Version

    Adaptive PE Day!

    Soccer Skills

    Speech Challenge 


    Speech Challenge: 
    1. Read a book or ask someone to read a book to you.
    2. Answer the 5 Wh- questions and ask someone to type it for you:
           Who (was the book about)?
           What (was the best part of the book)?
           When (did the story take place)?
           Why (did you choose the book)?
           Where (did the story take place)?
    example:  My book was about Goldilocks.  The best part of the book is when she tries to sit in the baby chair and it breaks (that has happened to me too).  The story took place a long, long, long, time ago.  I chose the book because I love when things are "just right."  The story took place in the forest.
    If you have time, organize your answers into a nice paragraph:  
           My book was about Goldilocks.  The story took place a long, long, long, time ago. The story took place in the forest.  The best part of the book is when she tries to sit in the baby chair and it breaks (that has happened to me too).   I chose the book because I love when things are "just right."  
    Remember it is so good to get out and walk everyday!

    Adaptive PE Day!

    Pacer Run


    For those in a Wheelchair




    Kids Art Projects - Watercolor Circle Art. The results are always eye catching no matter how kids chose to paint it!




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