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    A Message from Mrs. Maldonado and Ms. Sandoval (Special Education Teachers)
    Hi Everyone,
    We want you to know that we are thinking of each of you! We hope you all are safe at home. At this time we are postponing any IEPs that were on the calendar. Depending on the situation we will either have IEPs once school is back in sesson or do them virtually. At this time things are changing often so we will update this page as we are informed of new things. Meanwhile please enjoy this extra time with your family and continue to stay active and engaged. Try to stay calm and healthy and remember to wash your hands! Feel Free to email Mrs. Maldonado or Ms. Sandoval with any questions.

    Every Monday During the school closures we will be updating this page with some class work you can do at home, along with other suggested activities to continue your learning.
    News2you Weekly Article
    1. Read with your family
    2. Ciricle words or letters duirng reading
    3. Answer the vocabulary questions
    4. Use the vocabulary page to practice expressive or receptive language.

    Other Activities
    1. Cut out things that are "green" from magazines
    2. Count or sort objects at home
    3. Help with house hold chores like folding laundry or cleaning
    4. Exercise- use youtube or make up your own exercise routine
     APE Activities
    Click the link below for activities to support Adaptive Physical Education

    The students are participating and working on great things this year. Our focus is age and ability level academics, life skills, vocational skills, social skills, speech skills, motor skills, and independent living. We enjoy activities such as art, general education electives, and community field trips. If you would like more information on our program and what we are all about please feel free to contact
    Mrs. Maldonado.
    A monthly Calendar will be sent home with your student (each month). For additional school activities and announcements it is important to always check the school calendar on the webpage.


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