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    “Home of the Jaguars”

    est. 2005 
    Many visitors to our high school ask why we are named, "Segerstrom High School." Some want to know if we are related to the Orange County Performing Arts Center's Segerstrom Hall (we are!). Others ask us, "Who is See-gerstrom?" Here's the answer:
    Henry Segerstrom (SAY-ger-strom) - for whom Segerstrom High School is named - is a familiar name in Orange County. The land upon which Segerstrom High School is built was purchased from the Segerstrom family who once grew crops on these acres.

    Henry Segerstrom

    Mr. Segerstrom accepts a football jersey from his namesake high school. (September 2005)
    Carl Segerstrom immigrated from Sweden at the turn of the century and began what we now know as C.J. Segerstrom & Sons, a real estate company whose work resulted in the construction of South Coast Plaza and the Orange County Performing Arts Center, among other contributions to Orange County. A generation later, Henry Segerstrom has been praised for his philanthropy. Our nearby Orange County Performing Arts Center sits on land donated by Mr. Segerstrom.
    Henry Segerstrom recently received the Carnegie Hall "Medal of Excellence" for his philanthropic work in the performing arts. You can read more about Henry Segerstrom at the following sites: