Segerstrom High School is a fundamental school and our mission is to provide a supportive and challenging environment where all students excel.  The following is a partial list of institutionalized programs and strategies used to enhance student success and access to post secondary opportunities:

    ·        Fundamental Card System

    ·        Student Agendas - required day/study planner

    ·        Grade Check Form

    ·        Individual Student Progress Reports

    ·        Higher Education Center (HEC) Activities

    ·        Financial Aid and College Application Assistance – multiple evening programs

    ·        AVID

    ·        Intervention Tutoring Program - voluntary, highly encouraged

    ·        Exam Re-Take Policy – highly successful program to improve grades

    ·        Athletic Tutoring Schedule

    ·        Student Success Team

    ·        Freshman Orientation

    ·        Individual Education Plans (IEPs)

    ·        10th Grade Counseling Program


    Special Education Support System


    Segerstrom's full-inclusion program for special education students is implemented with the support of six full-time special education teachers, the school psychologist, and six part-time Student Support Paraprofessionals (SSPs).



Last Modified on August 31, 2017