It is very important that every student to be in class on time, everyday, ready to learn! Regular attendance is vital to a student’s success in school. The student who is frequently absent misses direct instruction even when written work is made up. The education Code specifies excused absences as those resulting from illness, medical/dental appointments, or death in the immediate family. All other absences are considered unexcused and will result in Saturday school.

    When a student is absent, parents are required to call on the day of the absences and send a written note upon students return. The student is required to bring a note signed by a parent on the first day the student returns from an absence. A written note from the parent explaining tardiness to school is also required. Parent phone calls to excuse an absence must still be accompanied by a written note. The note should include the absence date(s), reason for the absence, first and last name of the student along with the ID# and grade.

    Students who miss class time to replace and/or receive a re-admit will be issued detention. Students will be assigned Saturday school for excessive tardies and for unexcused absences. Repeated absences or tardies for any reason will result in a SART meeting with an administrator. Student must attend school in order to participate in any extracurricular or athletic events taking place on the same day. Below you will find helpful tips that will help you to succeed in the school year!

    PARENT PORTAL: All parents are to actively use the Parent Portal to closely monitor student’s attendance record. 

    RE-ADMITS: Students are required to get a re-admit in the attendance office before school starts, during passing period or during lunch. Students are not to come to the attendance office during class instruction. If student loses their re-admit they will receive 30 minute detention.

    ILLNESS ABSENCES: If the student is absent due to illness student must bring a written note signed by parent/legal guardian the day of return to excuse the day of absence.

    ATTENTION: Student can be excused with a written note throughout the school year 14 times.  On the 15th time student is required to bring a note from a physician. If the student is unable to go to the doctor student can come to school to be seen by our school nurse to be excused on days that student will be absent.

    PERSONAL ABSENCES: If the student is absent due to personal reasons student must bring a written note signed by parent/legal guardian the day of return to excuse the absence. 

    MEDICAL, DENTAL OR COURT APPOINTMENTS: Students must make every effort to make their prescheduled appointments early in the morning or late in the afternoon so that minimal amount of class time is missed. If student misses school or is partially absent during the day it is required to bring in a medical/dental/court note the next day to the attendance office to excuse the absence.

    VACATION: If student schedules a vacation or other out of town trips that are more than 5 days consecutively during school days, student must report to administration or attendance technician to set up an extended vacation contract. If the student doesn’t not comply with the terms of the contract the days missed by the student will be considered automatically unexcused and teachers will not be required to provide make up work.

    JOB SHADOWING/COMMUNITY SERVICE HOURS: Students that are completing a job shadowing or community service hours during school hours will be marked automatically unexcused. Job shadowing or completing community services hours should be done before school, after school or the weekend. 

    PHONE CALLS: If parent/legal guardian calls and leaves a voicemail to notify an absence please still bring a note for attendance purposes. Number to call 714-241-5057

     In the voicemail please leave…

    1.       Name (Parent/Legal Guardian)

    2.       Students name

    3.       I.D number

    4.       Grade

    5.       Date of birth

    6.       Reason

    TARDIES: In order to excuse a tardy, student must have a note signed from parent/legal guardian and brought to the attendance office. If student does not have a note with a validated reason student must report to class and be marked tardy.

    Reasons not excused are

    1.       Car broke down/Flat tire/Battery died

    2.       Inclement weather/Traffic

    3.       Overslept

    4.       Community service/Job shadowing

    Thank you,
    Attendance Department