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    Joe Wilson


    "You think your pain and your heartbreak are unprecedented in the history of the world, but then you read."

    James Baldwin


    "Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better."  Samuel Beckett


     "A word after a word after a word is power."  Margaret Atwood


    "You should write because you love the shape of stories and sentences and the creation of different words on a page. Writing comes from reading, and reading is the finest teacher of how to write."   Annie Proulx


    Students: to access resources, syllabi, assignments, reference sheets, powerpoints use Google Classroom

    Mr. Wilson's class
    Period 1:  Conference Period
    Period 2:  English 11
    Period 3:  English 11
    Period 4:  English 11
    Period 5:  AP English Language and Composition
    Period 6:  AP English Language and Composition
    Seminar:  11th grade
    Tutoring Hour: Wednesdays during Lunch A

    Red Cross Club Co-advisor


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