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    The California Scholarship Federation (CSF) emphasizes high standards of scholarship and community service for California high school students. Founded in 1921, the California Scholarship Federation is the oldest scholarship institution in the state of California. Segerstrom Chapter 1313s was founded in 2006 by the first senior class.

    Email List: csf1313@gmail.com
    New Website: jagcsf.home.blog


    Location: E101
    Ms. K. Nguyen
    Alyana Davis   
    Vice President
     Lizbeth and Christie  
    Historian Daniela  
    Jazmin and Emily   
    Treasurer Verenice   
    Publicist Emily   
    Tech Chair Brendan and Anderson   


    Each member needs 20 points per semester (negative points carry over to the following semester)
    To be an active member, you must earn 10 points in service and 10 points in events.  See PowerPoints for monthly opportunities.

    You must fill out the following form to get credit for your points.  CSF Community Service Form
Last Modified on September 11, 2019