• Welcome to the 2023-2024 school year, Jaguars! 🐾
    Mr. Coronel
    Room: A-176 
    B.A. in English and M.S. in Education from California State University, Fullerton. 
    NOTE: All classwork is online through the online learning platform Google Classroom. Please email me parents/guardians, if you'd like to be added to your child's Google Classroom. If you want to review what we're doing on a daily basis or if you're absent, the daily agenda is linked here.
    Email: ismael.coronel@sausd.us
    1. Ethnic Studies 9 Honors (English)
    2. English 10 Honors
    3. Ethnic Studies 9 Honors (English)
    4. Prep
    5. English 11
    6. English 9 Honors

    Tutoring is during either lunch on Wednesdays, after school on Tuesdasys and I am also available at other times by appointment.

    Classroom Expectations

    These are just some reminders of the class rules, so we can all have a smooth, productive year.

    1. Plagiarism/any kind of cheating is unacceptable. Have honor, take ownership of your learning.
    2. Be here on time, with facemasks on and charged Chromebooks.
    3. Finally, have a positive attitude and be ready to learn: Mr. Coronel knows that life is wonderful but there’s a lot of chaos and unpredictable events; leave them at the door. Your education is forever, nobody can take it away from you!