• Welcome to the 2019-2020 school year, Jaguars! ??
    Mr. Coronel
    Room: A-176 
    B.A. in English and M.S. in Education from California State University, Fullerton. 
    Email: ismael.coronel@sausdlearns.net
    Phone: (714) 241-5310
    Links to class Syllabi:

    9 Honors, English

    9 Honors, Spanish

    English 11, English

    English 11 Spanish

    Daily Agendas

    1. English 11
    2. English 11
    3. English 9 Honors 
    4. Prep
    5. English 9 Honors
    6. English 9 Honors

    Tutoring is Tuesdays both lunches and Wednesdays after school from 2:51-3:30PM.  I am also available at other times by appointment.

     Classroom Expectations

    These are just some reminders of the class rules, so we can all have a smooth, productive year.

    1. Be on time, ready to learn - you should be in the seat when the bell rings.
    2. Bring your charged Chromebook every single day!
    3. Any phones being used for games/social media/off-task behaviors will be confiscated and turned into the front office for parental pickup.
    4. Food is not allowed - don’t worry, Mr. Coronel will be respectful of this as well.
    5. Water is okay; other drinks are not. We do not want ants crawling up your pants.
    6. Plagiarism/any kind of cheating is unacceptable. Have honor, take ownership of your learning.
    7. Late work has a 50% penalty (department policy). Late work is due by intervention/office hour Fridays.
    8. Finally, have a positive attitude and be ready to learn: Mr. Coronel knows that life is wonderful but there’s a lot of chaos and unpredictable events; leave them at the door. Your education is forever, nobody can take it away from you: drama/boyfriends/girlfriends/friends/frenemies/Snapchat streaks come and go!


    Fundamental Card System Interventions

    The use of the Fundamental system is mean to support our success and hold us to high standards - Hopefully, the numberof tardy/assignment cards is kept to a minimum!



    Tardy Card (If you are not in when the bell rings - yes, seconds after). 

    Assignment Card (Major missing assignments)

    1st Offense



    2nd offense


    Warning + 15 minute teacher tutoring

    3rd offense

    Warning + 15 minute teacher detention/tutoring

    Phone call home + 30 minute tutoring

    4th offense

    30 minute teacher detention and phone call home

    Central Detention

    5-7th offenses

    Central Detentions and Administrative Referrals

    Administrative Referral