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    Periods 1,2,3, Homeroom - ROOM C 106

    Period 4 Prep, Period 5 & 6  - Room C107



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    Each period has a designated class with a unique code needed to join the classroom. Parents/guardians may be added to their students classroom to be able to see the posts and work submitted. You may email me your email to be added.



    Periods 1,2        Digital Photography

    Period 3             Design for Social Media/Web

    Periods 5 & 6     Drawing/Painting 1 



     The Art of Digital Photography at Segerstrom High School

    Course Description

    This course provides introductory training in the art of digital photography. Students will gain an understanding of the artistic aspects of photography and composition. Students will learn technical skills of using digital cameras and editing using imaging software. The history of photography, elements and principles of design, and careers in photography will be studied.


    Course Objectives

    In conjunction with the visual arts curriculum standards

    • Demonstrate scanning, loading and saving photographic files.

    • Demonstrate image creation, editing and use of elements of art and principles of    


    • Demonstrate proper use of digital camera.

    • Demonstrate processes such as basic selection techniques, working with type, painting 

        tools, blending tools, blending modes, layers and filters.

    • Proficiency in using graphic applications including but not limited to the Adobeã

       Creative Suite



    All students must make every effort to be present and on time. The school-wide policy for tardies and absences will be enforced.



    • Class participation/Critiques

    • Projects



    Based on points

    90-100% = A or 5

    80-89% = B or 4

    70-79% = C or 3

    60-69% = D or 2

    Below 60% = F or 1






    CUARTO  C106




    Descripcion del Curso:

    Este curso les dara una introduccion al arte de fotografia digital. Estudiantes ganaran el entendimiento

    De los aspectos de fotografia y composicion. Los estudiantes aprenderan las maneras tecnicas de usar

    Camaras digitales para editar las imajines de fotografia. Tambien aprenderan la historia de fotografia y los elementos principals de deseno y de las carreras en fotografia.


    Los Objetivos del Curso:

    -Demostrar como guardar sus archivos de fotografia en la computadora.

    -Demostrar como crear imajines, editando e usando elementos de arte y principios de deseno.

    -Demostrar como usar las tecnicas basicas

    -Habilidad en usar applicaciones graficas y no limitado al programa Adobe Creative Suite



    Se requiere que llegen a tiempo y que traten de no faltar a clase.



    -Participacion en clase/y creticar




    Basado con Puntos

    90-100% = A o 5

    80-89%   = B o 4

    70 -79% = C o 3

    60-69% = D o 2

    Mas bajo de 60% = F o 1



    Drawing & Painting


    This is a two-semester course.  The first semester introduces you to drawing techniques.  You will complete projects using pencil, pen and ink, charcoal, and color pastels.  In the second semester you will create paintings using watercolor, tempera and acrylic paint.   Other mediums may be added to your repertoire as the year progresses. The majority of projects will contain some part of observational drawing and/or painting skills to train your hand to convey what your eyes see.  The Elements of Art and Principles of Design will be studied in class and will be effectively used in your artworks. Likewise, the history of art and its use in multiple cultures will be addressed in each unit of lessons.


    Course Objectives


    By the end of the school year, you will be able to draw and paint successful and create aesthetically-pleasing compositions using a variety of media. You will also be able to communicate ideas and messages through your visual artwork, as well as to derive meaning from various artworks.


    Class Materials


    Classroom materials are supplied to each student. Sketchbook, 12 colored pencils, drawing pencils, eraser and a watercolor set are optional for students to keep a personal set.


    *   The following are OPTIONAL, but recommended:

    -         Multiple pencils of different shades

    o       8B,6B,2B,B,2H,4H,6H

    -         Multiple brushes of different shapes and sizes

    o       Rounds, flats, filberts, details


    Design for Social Media and the Web

    Course Description:

    This course is an advanced digital media course that requires students to incorporate the elements and principles of art as they create visual media projects for print and digital mediums. Through the examination and analysis of social media, students will discover the impact of their own personal digital footprint as well as the impact that social media has on society as a whole. This course will prepare students for internships in various digital media fields and as social media managers.

    Learning Process:

    Classes will consist of lectures, demonstrations, studio time, projects, and critiques. Participation and peer evaluation is critical to exploring new media and design and important to your success. Constructive criticism is emphasized during critiques of projects.


    Assignments are modeled as a tool for exploring different techniques that have specific guidelines. Students are strongly encouraged to utilize design principles and elements to enhance work in the class. Grading outlines/rubrics will be given for assignments. Many assignments are project oriented, but short competency exercises are given to show understanding of information or software. Vocabulary quizzes will also be given to enforce understanding of industry related terminology. Daily composition book for warm up exercises, vocabulary, and notes should be maintained and will be periodically checked.

    Grading Scale:

    A=90-100% B=80-89% C=70-79% D=60-69% F=0-59%