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    Welcome to Mr. Miranda's high school webpage. I grew up in Santa Ana and graduated as a S.A. Saint back in 1988! I attended SAC, and transferred to the University of California at Riverside.
    There I double majored in History & Anthropology. I made the Dean's List. I went on to UCI for my Teacher Credential and completed my Master's degree at Azusa Pacific University.
    I enjoy watching College Football and College Basketball (UCLA, Go Bruins!) . I read many different types of novels, but tend to prefer Horror/Thriller and Science Fiction. I enjoy Modeling with miniatures, and attending my son's volleyball games. Gardening is also something I like to do.
    World History CP  0 per 
    World History CP  1 per
    World History CP  2 per
     Homeroom  See Agenda
     Prep Period  3 per
    World History CP  4 per
    AP Economics  5 per
    World History CP  6 per
    Tutoring time: My official day is Tuesday after school, but I'm always here before school, and after school. I can stay up to an hour after school, but most kids are done in 30 minutes. I expect student's to show up within the first 5 minutes after school. *If no students have arrived, I reserve the right to go home.
    Detention: After school (see Tutoring time). I give students 3 days to serve a detention. After which it will count as a "no show". A "no show" is a referral to the office. Student's name will be written on the board in front of class. It is a student's responsibility to set a reminder or check the board.
    Example: Joe receives a Detention Monday in class. He has Monday afternoon, after school Tuesday and after school Wednesday to serve it. If Joe has not talked to me before Wednesday after school, Thursday in class he will receive a referral as a detention "no show". 
    If you need to contact me, do so by email at...(I check frequently during school hours, best time for contact)
    CUT & PASTE ADDRESS TO YOUR EMAIL SERVICE. I have experienced un-received emails from the link below.
    Emails to my google account are forwarded to my sausd.us account

    Grades:  Use the Parent Portal on School's main webpage to check Aeries.

    ...and just to add some anthropology into the mix,
    here is the school mascot spelled several different ways...
    in ancient Maya!
    This is U.C.L.A winning the College World Series. Go Bruins!
    National Champs
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