After eligible Priority Registration students have been admitted to Segerstrom during registration week, any eighth-grade student who lives within the boundaries of the Santa Ana Unified School District may participate in the lottery process. The Lottery Registration process fills the remaining spots available in the incoming freshman class.
    Lottery Registration will be through a random, computerized process. Parents must submit a lottery card which will include the following information:
    • Name and birth date of student being enrolled
    • Names, addresses, home phones and work phones of parents/guardians (including area codes)
    • Student address and phone number
    • Address verification as evidenced by one of the following: utility bill, telephone bill (land line only), current mortgage/rental payment receipt, current property tax bill, current auto registration or insurance statement, current bank statement, or last year's income tax form as proof that the student is a resident of the Santa Ana Unified School district (not the city but the school district).
    No other documentation will be accepted.
    Once the lottery card submission deadline has passed, the SAUSD Computer Center will randomly order the lottery card numbers.  Students will be eligible for enrollment according to the number of spots available and the order in which the lottery number was sorted.  Segerstrom High School will then post a list of its own individual results on a designated day. The list will be posted both at Segerstrom High School and on the Segerstrom website.  Parents will then need to check the posted results and pick up a registration packet if their lottery number was selected.  Parents of selected lottery numbers must pick up and return a completed registration packet during a designated time period or jeopardize losing their place in the freshman class.
Last Modified on April 30, 2020