Students who did not get in through the lottery will be placed on a waiting list at each site according to the order in which they were randomly sorted.  Students who want to enroll in the school after the lottery has been completed will be placed at the end of the waiting list.  This also applies to siblings who missed the deadlines as well as lottery students.
    As a spot opens up at the school, the student will be called from the waiting list in a descending order.  If the student declines enrollment or fails to complete the necessary enrollment documents within the time frame given, that student will be removed from the list and the next student will be called.  At the end of the school year the waiting list will roll over into the next school year.
    Students who live in Segerstrom's attendance area, confirmed by valid and current documentation, will be placed on a separate waiting list than the other students who qualify to be enrolled but live outside of the attendance boundaries. Students on the neighborhood waiting list will be called off first in descending order.  When that waiting list is exhausted, students on the non-attendance (lottery) boundary list will be called in a descending order.


    If you are interested in placing your student on the wait list, please email me at salvador.lopez@sausd.us.


    It is the responsibility of the student’s family to call the school’s registrar with any changes to contact phone numbers when a student is on a waiting list. Only the phone number(s) on the lottery cards will be called. Segerstrom High School and SAUSD are not responsible for students who miss phone calls due to lack of voicemail service, answering machine, or missed messages.

Last Modified on April 30, 2020