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    Risk Management 


    Risk Management plays a pivotal role in overseeing various aspects pertaining to safety practices, regulations, insurance risks, claims management, loss prevention, and employee health benefits.  Our department assumes responsibility for these matters in order to safeguard the well-being of our students and staff while also aiming to optimize cost savings for the school district. By diligently addressing these areas, we strive to maintain a secure environment for our students, employees, and community members.  

    Below we have compiled a list of areas in which we are able to provide assistance. Click on the desired icon for additional information. 

  •        Sketch of a doctor with an insurance card  

         Health Benefits


           Sketch of an injured individual with an injured arm on an arm sling   

      Work Related Injury

      Workers' Compensation

           Sketch of the coronavirus 

     COVID-19 Guidelines   


            Sketch of a computer monitor that is displaying an individual teaching   

           Online Training 

        (ASCIP E-Learning)


          Sketch of an owl character with a text cloud indicating, "It's a know go"

       KnowGo Program 

        Student Awareness



  •        Sketch of a female child along with soccer ball and a health insurance card  

      Student Insurance

    Sport / Accident Coverage

           Sketch of a male child with bandage on the side   

      Student Incidents


          Sketch of the sun along with a high temperature thermometer   

    Hot Weather Guidelines         


           Sketch of a smart phone, which is displaying a sketch of a burglar   

          Report Crimes



  •        Sketch of a car  


        (Auto or Liability) 

           Sketch of a male professional along with a hard hat and a briefcase   



           Sketch of two raised hands with a heart shape above them     

        Parent Volunteers         

          or Chaperones

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        Student Teachers,

    Interns, or Observers 




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