English Learner Programs and Student Achievement Dept.


    2023-24 Staff List 

    Alexander Nedelkow Ph.D., Director   Ext: 77606
    Robbie Walshe, Coordinator of Student Achievement    Ext: 77609
    Front Office Position Ext.
    Lily Serrano   ELD Bilingual Programs Secretary 77601
    Veronica Rodriguez   Budget Clerk 77604
    Jaime Aguilar Jr.   Categorical Programs Technician  77613
    Program/Curriculum Specialists Position Ext.
    Griselda Maldonado   Program Specialist 77601
    Javier Diaz   Program Specialist 77601
    Amy Alcaraz   Curriculum Specialist World Languages 77601
    Translations Position Ext.
    Cesar Vargas   Language Specialist, Spanish 77612
    Tuyet "Jenny" Vu   Translator II, Vietnamese 77607
    Migrant Education Position Ext.
    Diana Lea   Migrant Education Program Specialist 67503
    Lupe Garcia   Migrant Education Community Assistant 67502
    Nancy Torres    Migrant Education Community Assistant  67501
     Registration and Testing Center (RTC) Position Ext. 
     Aidee Bahena   Administrative Secretary  46541
     Angie Talavera   Reg. and Testing Specialist  46539
     Martha Resendiz   Reg. and Testing Technician    46537
     Olivia Delgado   Reg. and Testing Technician  46538
    CalNew Grant   Position    Ext.  
    Lorena Ruiz    Collaborative Education Liaison (FACE)  657-554-6100
    Miguel Guillen   Collaborative Education Liaison (FACE)    657-554-6099