Welcome to Teen Parent Support Services
    Monday, February 26, 2024
    Mission Statement
    The mission of the SAUSD Teen Parent Support Services program is to support pregnant and/or parenting students by providing a nurturing, caring and supportive environment so that they achieve their highest academic potential.
    Program Philosophy
    The Santa Ana Unified School District and the Board of Education hold a firm commitment to providing a quality program that recognizes, respects and honors the individuality of each child and family.  A cooperative network between school, home and community have been established to provide the crucial foundation for enabling students to successfully deal with their present environment and responsibilities in school and life.
    Participation in the Teen Parent Support Services (TPSS) program is completely voluntary.  Please call (714) 569-9773 for enrollment procedures.  A Teen Parent Support Services Outreach Consultant will then meet with the student and their parent to complete the necessary paperwork.
    Pregnant and/or parenting students stay at their home school while receiving support services from our Teen Parent Support Services staff on an individual basis.  Students must first enroll in the Teen Parent Support Services Program in order to receive services from our district.
    Summary of Services
    Student support services include:  Case Management, Parenting Education, Career Education, Nutritional Supplements, Home to School Transportation and Childcare.
    Infants and toddlers (ages 6 weeks-3 years old) of students enrolled in the Teen Parent Support Services program are eligible for childcare services based on available space. The admission policy is based on the capacity in the childcare rooms.  Parents should call our office to be put on a waiting list as soon as their baby is born.  The student will be responsible for finding alternative childcare while waiting for an opening in the childcare center.
    TPSS students wishing to use our childcare center must first contact our office at (714) 569-9773 for childcare enrollment procedures and information.