The Council of Great City Schools

Our Mission
It is the special mission of America's urban public schools to educate the nation's most diverse student body to the highest academic standards and prepare them to contribute to our democracy and the global community.
Our Vision
Urban public schools exist to teach students to the highest standards of educational excellence. As the primary American institution responsible for weaving the strands or our society into a cohesive fabric, we - the leaders of America's Great City Schools - see a future where the nation cares for all children, expects their best, appreciates their diversity, invests in their futures, and welcomes their participation in the American dream. The Great City School are place where this vision becomes tangible and those ideals are put to the test. We will keep our commitments, and as we do and as society supports our endeavors, cities will become the centers of a strong and equitable nation, with urban public school successfully teaching our children and building communities.
Our Goals
To educate all urban school students to the highest academic standards. To lead, govern and mange our urban public schools in ways that advance the education of our children and inspire the public's confidence. To engage and build a confident, committed and supportive urban community for raising the achievement of urban public schoolchildren.