Kindergarten Spanish Teacher's Guides and Materials For Common Core Units #1, 2, 3

Spanish Materials for Fall Unit of Study: Wampanoag and Pilgrims Working Together is Better
 Unit of Study Revised
Spanish TE Revised 2015 all materials for students and teachers is included and revised. 11/4/15

Student Learning Journal Sp - All student materials including homework, is revised 11/4/15

Preparing the Learner
a. Rules and Job Stickers for Collaboration
b. Job Poster  81/2 by 14 - legal size 
b. Color Shapes for Sorting Model in the pocket chart.
c. Collaboration Song for Kinder in Spanish

Week 1
d. Photos of foods for pictorial (Appendix D) Use the real pictures of foods with the ABC Book!
e. Sorting Material for pocket Chart: Hunted, Gathered, and Planted (appendix F)
f.  Appendix G The More We Get Together Song Powerpoint  use this easy powerpoint to sing the song and change the words (with pictures) 
g. Appendix G The More We get Together Song in word  
Week 2
h. Appendix H flow map
Week 3
PPT Sp Version with rebus 
Common Core Trimester 2: Weather 
Teacher Spanish TE  This has the Morning Message in Spanish
Here are all the Spanish Components
Week 1
Week 2
Round go the Season Posters and world Here are the symbols for seasons and the world to paste them on as the students go around the sun. 
Week 3

Common Core Unit 3: Spanish Materials for Spring Unit of Study: From Wheat to Table
 Week 1
c. Spanish Edition: Little Red Hen big book
d. Little Red Hen Flow Map sp cards for pocket chart in color
e.Retell Bracelets in color  
Week 2 
a. Spanish Edition: From Wheat to Table on Powerpoint 
c. Bread Song in Color - Can be used like a powerpoint