1st Grade Spanish Teacher's Guides and Materials for Common Core Units 1 and 2

Preparing the Learner Materials in Spanish  
1st Grade Teacher's Guide Community Workers Revised - Complete guide
Extra Materials for Dual Teachers Extra Materials for Dual Teachers from the teacher's guide
1st Grade Revised Student Journal SP - Spanish language Community Workers  
a. Rules and Posters for Collaboration
b. Collaboration Poster with moveable icons The poster is 81/2 by 14.  The icon page is letter size. 
d. PPL C Collaboration Song in Spanish   
e. Collaboration Power point What do you see? What do you hear? 10/31/12 NEW  Edit as needed
Week 1
a. Pictorial Building Color Here are the buildings. The names of the buildings are NOT in Spanish. You can use this for ELD - or change the names of the buildings to Spanish.
b. Folks in Our Town Song
c.Important Book of Goods and Services Big Book Run this off on 81/2 by 14 to make a cute big book!
 Important Book Powerpoint in Sp. Download this book on your computer to display on your screen. 
e. Wake Up City SP This beautiful powerpoint of the book with great illustrations sets up your unit!f
f. Pictures of extra workers in Wake Up City!   
g. Directions to art lesson with Vocabulary in Spanish 
Week 2
 Week 3
a. Garbage Collector Informational Text Download the Spanish Version powerpoint
c.Labels for Goods and Services for Culminating Sort Activity
Common Core Unit of Study Spring #3
a. Student Pictorial Sort- Here they are in color
b. ¿Dónde vive la gente? Student Text
c. Climas alrededor del mundo  Student text on climates