1st Grade CC Units - Teacher's Guides and Materials in Color

Common Core Unit of Study Fall #1

1st Grade Teacher's Guide Community Workers Revised - Complete guide FIXED - all correct form
1st Grade Revised Student Journal - English language Community Workers

1st Grade Revised Student Journal SP - Spanish language Community Workers
Material to run off for Spanish Teacher Materials  Here are materials for the teacher in Spanish that are not in the TE
Preparing the Learner Material
Week 1
b. Important Book of Goods and Services Run this off on 81/2 by 14 to make a cute big book!
c. Important Book Powerpoint  Download this book on your computer to display on your screen
d. Wake Up City on power point
Week 2
a. Firefighter Song Appendix H  CD available from your CLAS teacher!

Week 3
a. Garbage Collector Informational Text Download the Powerpoint for Week 3!
Common Core Unit of Study Journeys
 All Powerpoints, videos and colored materials have been placed in a Google folder and shared with you.  You must sign in to your drive with your sausdlearns.net email.
Copy this link to the folder in your Google Drive!  Go to "Shared with Me" and it will be there.
Common Core Unit of Study Homes
a. Student Pictorial Sort- Here they are in color
b. Where do People Live? - Student Text
c. Student Climate Text
d. Emergent Reader "Houses are Different" for beginning readers only