• Letters of Recommendation

    Letters of Recommendation for College Admissions and Scholarships must be requested with advanced notice, at least three weeks ahead of time.  Four to five weeks is preferred. 

    Letters of Recommendation are confidential in nature and will be provided in a sealed envelope or uploaded directly to appropriate college/scholarship website.
    To request Letters of Recommendation you must first approach the teacher or counselor and ask if he/she would be willing to write you a letter. Colleges suggest that letters be written by teachers from your junior year, however, you should ask individuals that know you well. If they agree to do so, make sure to provide the following documents that will help the individual write a strong letter of recommendation.
    Required documents:
    1. Student Information Packet
    2. Unofficial Transcript
    3. College or scholarships forms that need to be completed (if applicable)
    Place documents in a manila folder and include application deadlines.  You should encourage recommenders to submit their letter electronically via the college/scholarship website if it is an option.  If the recommender would prefer to mail it, be sure to provide a stamped envelope and address the envelope.
    Keep in mind that Teacher Recommendations for private college applications must focus on your academic abilities. 
    Counselor Recommendations must provide a holistic picture of the applicant.  Make sure that you provide genuine and accurate responses when completing the Student Information Packet to allow the recommender to write the best letter that captures you.
    9th - 12th needing Letters of Recommendation or a recommendation should complete the forms below thoroughly and provide to recommenders 3-5 weeks in advance.
    Click on the links below and SAVE to your computer before you start typing your responses. 
    PDF version:   More About Me & Sample Résumé
    Word version:  More About Me & Sample Résumé


Last Modified on May 1, 2020