Vision and Purpose Statements

  • SAUSD Ethnic Studies Vision


    SAUSD’s vision of Ethnic Studies is to empower students to dismantle systemic racism by becoming:

    • holistic, curious, critical thinkers

    • able to embrace their own identities and the identities of others

    • agents of social change

    • respectful of other cultures 

    • community-centered

    • global citizens


    SAUSD Ethnic Studies Purpose


    The purpose of the SAUSD Ethnic Studies pathway is to support teachers and students by:

    • recruiting qualified teachers who will: 

      • embrace the SAUSD Ethnic Studies Six Pillars to inform curriculum and pedagogy

      • hold high expectations for all students 

      • provide rigorous and student-centered instruction

      • create a nurturing and affirming environment within safe and healing spaces 

    • providing quality professional development that supports:

      • culturally relevant teaching 

      • critical pedagogy

      • culturally relevant curriculum across disciplines

      • centering students’ cultures, ways of being, and ancestral stories

    • understanding intersectionality

    • connecting with the community

    • recognizing multiple perspectives

    • questioning and challenging the status quo