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    The Santa Ana Unified School District (SAUSD) joined the City of Santa Ana and Latino Health Access in launching a citywide public awareness campaign to help curb the spread of COVID-19 in one of the region’s hardest-hit communities.

    The campaign, titled #ProtectSantaAna and #ProtegeSantaAna, is intended to unite the community with a common goal – reducing the number of COVID-19 cases and protecting the health of our family, friends, and neighbors.

    The three organizations are distributing thousands of yard signs and posters to residents and businesses to encourage essential pandemic safety messages: cover your face, wash your hands, stay 6 feet apart. Banners bearing the message are being placed at schools and other locations.

    A joint press conference was held virtually on Dec. 17 to introduce the campaign to the community, during which representatives from all three groups urged residents to follow safety protocols especially over the upcoming holiday season. 

    “Prevention is extremely important for this community,” SAUSD Board of Education President  Rigo Rodriguez, Ph.D. said, addressing the audience in Spanish. “If we really love our relatives, we should protect them. That is why the motto of this campaign is #ProtectSantaAna.”

    Board Vice President Carolyn Torres, Board Member Valerie Amezcua, and Deputy Superintendent of Administrative Services Amanda Corridan (speaking on behalf of Superintendent Jerry Almendarez) also gave remarks during the press conference.

    To watch it, click here

    As the densest city in Orange County with many multigenerational households and residents working in essential industries, Santa Ana is especially vulnerable to the virus. The city has the highest number of COVID-19 cases in the county, approaching 22,000 confirmed positive cases and 347 deaths. The city also has ZIP codes reporting some of the highest positivity rates in the county, including some with a four-week average above 20%.

    The public is encouraged to get involved and show their commitment to protecting our community by displaying the messages and sharing photos on social media using #ProtectSantaAna and #ProtegeSantaAna.

    Anyone in Santa Ana who wants to request a yard sign or poster for their home can call Latino Health Access at (714) 805-6517.

    For more information on testing and other local pandemic resources, please visit: