• Welcome to the History-Social Science Secondary Textbook Review Site.  The new textbooks below are recommended by the SAUSD School Board for adoption.  There is a 28 day review period from May 13th to June 10th that the parents and community members are encouraged to review the textbooks, make comments, and recommendations.  Feedback from our Santa Ana community is a very important part of the adoption process, so please take some time to review one or more of the textbooks on the left.  Thank you.

  • EPU Front Cover

    Publisher: First Choice Publishing Co. 2019

8th Grade U.S. History Course - Colonization to Reconstruction

  • To review the textbooks for 8th Grade, click on the book cover to the left, or go to the Website:  https://ctp100.cabtera.com and then type in the username and passwords: 

    Username: student2020@californiasocialstudies.com

    Password (case-sensitive): LakeTahoe1!
    1. Click on the “Login” button at the bottom of the blue box.
    2. When a new screen appears, click on the "Student Edition” icon
    3. Click on the chapter you would like to review. The text of the chapter will appear in the main screen to the left. 
    4. Supplemental features for the chapter will appear in the screen on the right


    For a sample chapter in Spanish, please go to this website:
    1. Then enter the following Access Code (be sure to use capital C and capital L):  ClearLake1!
    2. Press the ”Submit” button.
    3. Click on the "Student Edition” icon.
    4. Click on the  "CA US History Chapter 9” icon.
    5. Scroll up and down to read the chapter.

    After you have reviewed the book  Click on this feedback form to give your comments and recommendations.