• Application Process

    Currently, SAUSD high school students are eligible to apply for SAUSD Virtual School. Students complete the Pre Enrollment Questionnaire below, scoring at least 50% or better to qualify for the program.  Complete and submit the RFA form to Independent Studies Program, indicating participation in the "Virtual Program" and including which course to be taken.  Students should be directed to the Student Orientation page when enrolled.

    Concurrent Enrollment

    Students who are currently attending a traditional SAUSD high school within the district should contact their school administrator or school counselor regarding enrollment into the program. Virtual school students may take a course in the SAUSD Virtual School while also maintaining a regular course schedule at their home school, so long as adequate attendance and academic progress is made.


    Pre Enrollment Questionnaire - This requires you to log-in to your sausdlearns email.

    Virtual Program RFA Form