• What is the A La Carte Blended Learning Program?

    What do we mean by "A La Carte"?  Well, it is a virtual learning model that enables students to take an online course with a SAUSD teacher of record in that subject area, in addition to other face-to-face classes, which provides students with more flexibility over their schedules.  A student is concurrently enrolled in regular classes while also adding on the extra class, but can take the course virtually, or online.  Instead of adding the class to your normal daily schedule, you complete coursework at your own pace and meet with your instructor once a week, rather than every day.  A La Carte courses can be a great option when students have full schedules or when a school can't provide a particular learning opportunity, such as elective courses, making it one of the most popular types of virtual learning models.

    What does it look like?  Below is what a typical schedule might resemble if you added a course, such as Spanish III, to your semester term.  This allows you the flexibility to take an extra elective or extra-curricular course in one of your free periods:


    Period 1 - Physical Education

    Period 2 - English 12

    Period 3 - AP Calc AB

    Period 4 - AP Physics

    Period 5 - Government

    Period 6 - X-Country 

    Period 8 - Spanish III (A La Carte Blended Program)