•  Attendance Accounting

    The Attendance Accounting Department is responsible for school attendance accounting sent from all of the SAUSD schools. The attendance data is compiled for submission to the County office of Education and the state of California on a monthly and annual basis. Attendance Accounting provides support to 57 schools and audits school attendance records to ensure compliance with the State Education Code. Provides staff development workshops in the area of pupil accounting and provides training to new school personnel with proper attendance accounting methods.  Designs and implements new attendance forms and procedures as needed.  Computes and compiles statistical and attendance reports for district, county and state. Maintains historic data regarding attendance and enrollment for SAUSD. 


    Kelli Levanger
    Director of Accounting, Payroll and Student Attendance
    Email:  kelli.levanger@sausd.us
    Tel:  (714) 558-5623
    Fax:  558-5625
    Lydia Gallegos
    Senior. District Attendance Specialist
    Email: lydia.gallegos@sausd.us
    Tel.: (714) 558-5563
    Fax: (714) 558-5625
    Darlene Roberto
    District Attendance Specialist
    Tel.: (714) 558-5654
    Fax: (714) 558-5625
    Jorge Mendoza
    District Attendance Specialist
    Tel.: (714) 558-5562
    Fax:  (714) 558-5625