• Accounting

    The mission of the Accounting Department is to provide accurate and timely information and support to sites and departments in a professional, positive manner - in order for the District's focus to remain on the education of all children. 

    Phone Number: (714) 558-5825

    Fax Number:  (714) 558-5625

    Johnny Leuta 
    johnny.leuta@sausd.us  |  (714) 558-5895  (x75895)
    Trang Tran
    Assistant Controller
    trang.tran@sausd.us | (714) 558-5890  (x75890)

    Martha Alejos   
    Accounting Technician
    martha.alejos@sausd.us  |  (714) 558-5825  (x75825)
    A/R, i-Expense Reimbursements, Third Party Billing, Bank Fees Check Run

    Paul Lenz   
    Accounting Technician
    paul.lenz@sausd.us  |  (714) 558-5565  (x75565)
    D, E, F, S, T, W, Utilities, Unisource/Veritiv, Consultants, Facilities, Cal-Card Statments & Logs, Fixed Assets (DSI – exceptions), revolving checks, Charters 

    Jules Letona   
    Accounting Technician
    jules.letona@sausd.us   |  (714) 558-5650  (x75650)
    ASB (Int. & HS), ASB Bank Reconciliations, Fixed Assets (Non-DSI), SchoolsFirst interest, Cal-Card (Admin + Audits)
    Lilibeth Salado Rodriguez   
    Accounting Technician
    lilibeth.saladorodri@sausd.us  |  (714) 558-5604  (x75604)
    G, H, I, J, K, U, X, Y, Z, Fieldtrips, Conferences/Registration
    Sosy Oozoonian   
    Sr. Account Clerk
    sosy.oozoonian@sausd.us  |  (714) 558-5564  (x75564)
    B, C, M, N, O, P, Q, R, V,
    Transportation, Athletics (Entry Fees & Arbiter Sports), BTSA Reimbursement, Benefits, USE Tax
    Jason Nguyen   
    Accounting Technician
    jason.nguyen@sausd.us   |  (714) 558-5561  (x75561)
    A, L, Office Depot

    Nutrition Services Accounting Team

    Milagros (Mila) Terry   
    Accounting Technician
    milagros.terry@sausd.us     |  (714) 558-5604  (x75604)
    Christine Maljian   
    Sr. Account Clerk
    christine.maljian@sausd.us  |  (714) 558-5661  (x75661)