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SAUSD Leaders Visit with Key Legislators on Education Advocacy Day

SAUSD leaders visit the Capitol

A delegation of Santa Ana Unified School District (SAUSD) leaders met with key legislators, directors and consultants in the State Capitol this week during SAUSD’s Education Advocacy Day to learn about legislation affecting public education and to advocate for priorities that are important to SAUSD students, parents and teachers. 

Participants included Valerie Amezcua, President of the SAUSD Board of Education; Stefanie Phillips, Ed.D., Superintendent of Schools; Sonia Rodarte Llamas, Assistant Superintendent, K-12 School Performance and Culture; Barbara Pearson, President of the Santa Ana Educators’ Association; and Norma Ortiz, Executive Director of the California Teachers Association/Santa Ana Educators' Association.

On February 5, 2019, the group met with 15 individuals in Sacramento, including Lupita Alcala, Chief Deputy State Superintendent for California; Senator Connie Leyva (D), State Senate Education Committee Chair; and Assemblymember Kevin McCarty (D), State Assembly Budget Subcommittee Chair.

Discussion topics included school funding, charter schools, mental health, special education, early education and more.

SAUSD representatives also used the occasion to highlight the District’s strengths, such as its balanced budget, and the progress that it is making in multiple areas, including its rising high school graduation rate, school climate improvements and more.  

“In a short time, we were able to do a great job of sharing information about our District,” Board President Amezcua said. “We shed light on our story, the wonderful kids that we have, and how we do the best job that we can to provide them with a 21st century education.”

“They were impressed and wanted additional information on how we are implementing changes in our District,” she added.

Participants were invited back to the Capitol for committee meetings and to participate in a panel about closing the achievement gap.