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May 2024 Heartbeat of SAUSD Honorees, the Chavez Family, Recognized During Board of Education Meeting

Congratulations to the May 2024 honorees of the Heartbeat of SAUSD recognition: the Chavez Family! They were acknowledged during last night's Board meeting for exemplifying the core values of our district — a deep, enduring connection that weaves together generations of students, families, and educators into a vibrant educational tapestry.

Continue reading to discover more about their profound and inspiring contributions to SAUSD.

Chavez Family Heartbeat of SAUSD May 2024 Chavez Family Heartbeat of SAUSD May 2024 Graphic

Patricia Chavez - Teacher, Romero-Cruz Academy

Patricia Chavez has dedicated 32 years of her career to serving the Santa Ana Unified School District (SAUSD). Her journey began as an instructional assistant, and over the years, she transitioned into the role of a teacher, thanks in part to the assistance provided by the PTTP Program. Currently, she holds the position of a 5th-grade bilingual teacher at Lydia Romero Cruz.

Her educational roots trace back to Fremont Elementary, where she spent two formative years before continuing her studies at Santa Ana High School.

Having grown up in the same community where she now teaches, Patricia effortlessly connects with her students. Committed to shaping the community through education, she sees herself as a beacon for her students as a proud Mexican American. She endeavors to impart not only a love for learning but also a sense of pride in their cultural heritage and language.


Michael Chavez -  Teacher, Social Science/Business, Santa Ana High School

Michael Chavez has been a dedicated educator within the SAUSD for nine years. Currently positioned at Santa Ana High School, he imparts knowledge in Government, Economics, and Business.

His educational journey commenced at Santiago Elementary (Class of 2002), followed by Mendez Fundamental Intermediate (Class of 2005), and concluded with graduation from Segerstrom High School in 2009, as part of its inaugural graduating class. Chavez pursued higher education at Cal State Fullerton, where he earned a Bachelor’s Degree in American Studies with a Minor in Political Science in 2013. Notably, he was selected as the undergraduate commencement speaker for his major.

Furthering his academic pursuits, Chavez attended the University of Southern California, where he obtained a Masters in the Arts of Teaching and a Teaching Credential in Social Science in 2015. Post-graduation, he commenced his teaching career at Segerstrom High School, his alma mater. Subsequently, he taught at Santa Ana High School, his mother's alma mater, before gaining additional experience at Willard Intermediate for two school years. Returning to Santa Ana High School in his fifth year of teaching, Chavez has remained there ever since.

Teaching in Santa Ana carries profound significance for Chavez, as it allows him to directly shape the future generations of his community. He treasures the impact he has made on his students throughout the years. Beyond the classroom, he takes pride in his contributions as a baseball coach and for spearheading the CTE business program at Santa Ana High School.

As a product of Santa Ana and a dedicated educator within the community, Chavez's goal is to inspire change by empowering his students. He endeavors to instill in them the values of goal-setting, hard work, and pride in themselves, their families, and their Santa Ana community. Ultimately, his aspiration is for his students to embrace perseverance and achieve their personal, academic, and financial aspirations.


Steve Chavez - Teacher, Math/AVID, Santa Ana High School

Steve Chavez has been an educator in SAUSD for three years. He commenced his teaching career at his alma mater, Santiago Elementary, where he spent two years before transitioning to Santa Ana High School. At Santa Ana High, he currently instructs Geometry and assumes the role of GATE Coordinator.

His educational journey began at Santiago Elementary and progressed through Mendez Fundamental Intermediate. In 2016, he graduated from Middle College High School, obtaining both his high school diploma and an Associate’s Degree in Liberal Arts from Santa Ana College.

As a proud product of SAUSD, Steve endeavors to ignite students' growth mindsets by immersing them in mathematical practices that foster critical thinking and problem-solving skills. He is dedicated to empowering students to excel in mathematics and equipping them for their post-high school endeavors.