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SAUSD March 2024 Employees of the Month Highlighted During Board of Education Meeting

The District’s Employees of the Month for March 2024 were highlighted during the Mar. 26, 2024 Board of Education meeting. 

The Certificated Employee of the Month is Linda C. Denney, a teacher at Muir Fundamental Elementary School.

The Classified Employee of the Month is Cynthia Hernandez, Office Manager at Muir Fundamental Elementary School.

Congratulations to both! Learn more about them here, in the remarks that were read aloud during the Board meeting. 

March 2024 EOMGroup - Linda Denney

Linda C. Denney, - Teacher, Muir Fundamental Elementary School

Good evening Superintendent Almendarez, Members of the Board, Members of the Cabinet, Ladies, and Gentlemen

With great pleasure and pride, I present Ms. Linda C. Denney, Teacher – Muir Fundamental Certificated Employee of the Month for March 2024.

Ms. Linda Denny is our 4th and 5th-grade special education teacher at Muir.  She consistently demonstrates a commitment to excellence in her role at Muir which is evident in her proactive approach to education.  She takes initiative through a student-centered approach to learning; she has a strong work ethic and is dedicated to our students and staff.  Ms. Denny is always willing to put in the time and energy to ensure every student succeeds and her commitment to continuous learning is noteworthy. Ms. Denny is truly deserving of this recognition because of her collaborative attitude, unwavering initiative, proactive mindset, and tireless work ethic. Congratulations Ms. Denney!

Please join me in congratulating Ms. Linda Denney.  

March 2024 EOMGroup - Cynthia Hernandez

Cynthia Hernandez – Office Manager, Muir Fundamental Elementary School

Ms. Cynthia Hernandez is Muir’s Office Manager.  She puts others’ needs at the forefront each day.  She is friendly and helpful, providing excellent customer service, which contributes positively to Muir’s overall atmosphere.  She consistently demonstrates problem-solving skills, addressing challenges when they arise in the office, and is committed to maintaining an extremely effective workflow.  As the leader of our office, Ms. Hernandez actively collaborates with the people in the front office and ensures effective communication to provide a cohesive environment.

Ms. Hernandez interacts with parents, students, and other visitors in a friendly and helpful manner, which has created a very welcoming and positive environment. She has an uplifting attitude that is contagious and sets the tone for our school.  She goes beyond her expected job duties to support our teachers, students, and families.  Ms. Hernandez has been known to purchase clothing and other items that parents have said they needed.  Her commitment and dedication are unwavering.  She’s reliable, kind, adaptable, and highly effective at her job.  Muir is very fortunate to have Ms. Cynthia Hernandez as our Office Manager. Congratulations Cynthia!

Please join me in congratulating Ms. Cynthia Hernandez.