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Santa Ana Public Schools Foundation Announces Award of 23 Spark Innovation Grants for 2021-22 School Year

The Santa Ana Public Schools Foundation is pleased to announce the award of 23 Spark Innovation Grants for the 2021-22 school year. 

The Spark Grants provide funding up to $1,500 to educators for projects that do not have an available funding source. The applicant’s proposed project must advance student learning in the classroom, support students’ attainment of their educational goals, and integrate into existing curriculum, instructional methodology, or educational programs. 

The following educators have been awarded the 2021-22 Spark Innovation Grant.

Snow Nakajima

Mc Fadden Intermediate

Hannah Chapman

Saddleback High School

Nena Kellar

Century High School

Hugo Vazquez

Adult Transition-Saddleback High School

Caitlin Roberto

Santa Ana High School

Katrinka Sanborn

Santa Ana High School

Raul Garcia

Segerstrom High School

Jill Magruder

Carr Intermediate

Tyler Nilsson

Saddleback Adult Transition Program

Cyndi Hermann

Santa Ana High School

Jedediah Jack

Carr Intermediate

Maricela Pena

Lorin Griset Academy

Elaine Eddow

Jackson Elementary

Terry Schwinge

Santa Ana High School

Jill Herrera

Carver Elementary

Dalene Lawson

Carver Elementary

Veronica DeBruhl-Githens

Carver Elementary

Megan Githens

Heroes Elementary

Gina MacLean

Madison Elementary

Ammy Beltran and Joaquin Hernandez

Valley High School

Francisco Luis-Martinez

Lowell Elementary

Mallory Aquino

Carr Intermediate

Lizette Cabrera and Tien Bueno

Mendez Fundamental