About Elections By-Trustee Areas

  • Santa Ana Unified School District (SAUSD) currently elects its Board of Education members through an at-large election system. Under this system, candidates for the Board of Education can reside anywhere in SAUSD's area of service and are elected by the registered voters that reside within SAUSD's area of service. 

    The Board of Education adopted Resolution No. 21/22-3416 on August 10, 2021, initiating the process of establishing Trustee Areas and elections By-Trustee Areas to take effect commencing with the November 2022 election. Elections By-Trustee Areas are ones in which the district's area of service is divided into Trustee Areas, and voters in each Trustee Area choose their Board of Education representative, who must also live in that Trustee Area.  


    By-Trustee Area Board Elections Public Hearings

    Elecciones de la mesa directiva por areas de fideicomisarios audiencias publicas