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    SAUSD Staff COVID-19 Protocols

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    Attention Staff: If ONE of the following 4 reasons applies, regardless of your COVID-19 vaccine status, then you MUST file a report on the FLAIRZ MyWellness Plus App / Website Before physically reporting to work.

    Scroll further down for instructions on accessing the FLAIRZ MyWellness Plus application. Reasons to file a case on the FLAIRZ MyWellness Plus application

    Reason 1 - Symptoms - (Do not assume your symptoms are due to a cold or flu)

    • DO NOT PHYSICALLY REPORT TO WORK if you are experiencing ONE or more of the following: fever, cough, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, fatigue/muscle or body aches, new loss of taste or smell, sore throat, congestion or runny nose, nausea or vomiting or diarrhea, headache

    Reason 2 - COVID Exposure

    •   Within the last 14 days, you had close contact with an individual that TESTED positive for COVID-19

    Close Contact is defined as: 

    • You were within 6 feet of someone who has COVID-19 for a cumulative total of 15 minutes or more
    • You provided care at home to someone who has tested positive for COVID-19
    • You had direct physical contact with a person (hugged or kissed them) who has COVID-19
    • You shared eating or drinking utensils with a person who has COVID-19 

    Reason 3 - Test Results

    • DO NOT PHYSICALLY REPORT TO WORK if you tested positive for COVID-19 in the last 10 days

    Reason 4 – Traveled or Plan to Travel outside of the State of California or Outside of the Country (Regardless of Vaccine Status)

    • You traveled outside the State of California within the last 10 days
    • You traveled outside the Country, which includes Mexico, within the last 10 days
    • You can also report an upcoming trip that is outside the State of California or Country, to find out if you need to quarantine after your trip


    FlairzInstructions for the FLAIRZ MyWellness Plus

    This application is only for SAUSD employees.

    STEP 1 – CREATE a FLAIRZ MyWellness Account

    First time users of the FLAIRZ MyWellness application must first CREATE an account for the application by using their District email. NEW EMPLOYEES: who do not yet have a district email, will need to email/call the Covid Task Force to have an account set up. 

    Use the link below to CREATE your account for the application:


     **Make sure to save your password**

    STEP 2 – Download & Log into the Flairz MyWellness App 

    Make sure you download the correct application.  FLAIRZ MyWellness Plus App.  Flairz After creating your account, you can log into the FLAIRZ application to enter your information.  You can either download the FLAIRZ MyWellness application on your smartphone from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

    apple  google


    If you prefer using the web based application, you can access the application from a computer web browser by clicking on the link below:


    STEP 3 – Report your case on FLAIRZ

    Answer the questions on the FLAIRZ App.  After you complete the questionnaire, the app will provide you a notification with instructions.   If you use a computer web browser to access the application, remember to check your email for further instructions.  You will receive emails and/or phone notifications with important information including: 1) required testing; 2) quarantine periods; and 3) whether you may have possible exposure (close contact) with a Positive or Possibly Infectious Individual.

    If you cannot access either the FLAIRZ mobile application or website, then contact the COVID Task Force, who can take your report over the phone.

    Attendance: Remember, it is your responsibility to enter your attendance and to communicate with your supervisor with you return to work date.


    "On HOLD" 

    I was placed “On Hold” by the FLAIRZ app or the Covid Task Force. What happens next? Click Here

    The District is using the FLAIRZ MyWellness Plus application to gather your information related to a suspected COVID-19 exposure and/or symptoms. The FLAIRZ application asks pertinent questions that allows the application to determine if it is safe for you to physically report to work or if your case needs further evaluation by the Risk Management-COVID Task Force.

    If the FLAIRZ app places your case “ON HOLD”, then stay home.  The COVID Task Force will further evaluate your case and will contact you within your next duty day from the submission of your report.  You CANNOT physically report to work if the Flairz App has placed your case “ON HOLD”.  You can ONLY be cleared to physically report back to work by the COVID Task Force via email or the Flairz App

    If you have questions or concerns regarding COVID-19, quarantines, COVID-19 testing, the FLAIRZ application, or if you need assistance with accessing the FLAIRZ Application, please contact the: 

    SAUSD - COVID Task Force

    (Phone) 714-480-5282                (Email) CovidTaskForce@sausd.us 

    The FLAIRZ platform is HIPAA Compliant and Risk Management-COVID Task Force will follow OSHA regulations and will keep all information of COVID Cases and persons confidential. The District is required to investigate and respond to COVID-19 cases in the workplace.