• What is ASB Senate Club?
    Operating as a club, ASB Senate is an extension of our school's Associated Student Body leadership class. Senate members represent the student body and their respective classes: freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors. Senate members work with students, faculty, administration, and their fellow ASB colleagues to plan and execute engaging, original, and unique experiences. 

    Just like the ASB class, ASB Senate is a serious commitment, requiring a good amount of time, volunteer service, motivation, and dedication. ASB Senate carries out many of the same duties as a regular ASB student, including mandatory attendance at select sporting events, school activities, and fundraising events.

    What is the difference between the ASB class and the ASB Senate club?
    The ASB leadership class meets at 7:30 am every morning. ASB receives elective credit on their transcript. ASB Senate operates as a club with no morning obligation and no official credit on their transcript. ASB Senate meets once a week, usually during lunch or after school. The ASB class plans events on campus; ASB Senate club supports these events by helping create advertisements, posters, decorations, and more. ASB Senate members act as a voice for their respective classes; during weekly meetings hosted by the ASB Vice President, ASB Senate members provide feedback, make suggestions, and address student concerns, opinions, and needs.

    Whether a student is in the ASB class or ASB Senate, all members of the student government support each other's role. Everyone is expected to help each other in the preparation, setup, and clean up of all events hosted on campus. Every member of ASB is expected to serve as a positive role model for the student body at Segerstrom High School.



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Last Modified on August 13, 2022