Maria Van Quackenbush
    Student Records Technician

    Omar Marquez
    Student Records Technician



    Open Monday - Friday
    7:30 am to 4:30 pm

    (714) 433-3481

    1801 S. Poplar St. 
    Santa Ana, CA 92704






    You are able to download, print and complete the Request for Records form and email it to records@sausd.us (please attach a copy of a valid, government issued ID). If you are unable to email, please send a fax to (714) 433-3494. If you do not wish to download the REQUEST FOR RECORDS form, simply e-mail records@sausd.us and include the following information:

    1. Full name of student as it appears on your school records
    2. Student’s Date of birth
    3. Parent(s)/Guardian(s) names
    5. Graduation date (if applicable) or last grade completed 
    6. Daytime phone number
    7. Reason for your request (if for a passport, please mail 2 passport size pictures to Support Services Attn: Records and Transcripts, 1629 S. Center Street, Santa Ana, CA 92704.)
    8. INCLUDE NAME AND E-MAIL ADDRESS OF EMPLOYER, SCHOOL/COLLEGE/UNIVERSITY, Organization, Attorney or Legal Assistance that needs to receive official electronic school records and/or high school transcripts (OPTIONAL)
    9. Attach Photo ID i.e. driver's license, state issued identification card, matricula, or passport
    10. If you want someone to pick up your records for you, write "I authorize (person's name) to pick up my records for me." 
    11. If you prefer records to be mailed provide complete address, including apartment/space number.

    Records for minors will be released to parents. If you are 18 years of age or older, your records will be release to you unless you authorize, in writing for someone to pick up your records on your behalf. You will be notified by phone or by e-mail when the records are ready to be mailed or picked up.

    AR 5125 establishes that no charges shall be made for furnishing up to TWO (2)transcripts or records. A charge of $3.00 will be levied for each additional transcript in excess of TWO (2). (Charges are being waived while we are following CDC public health guidelines.)

     Please know that transcripts are only considered “Official” as long as the Sealed Official envelopes remain UNOPENED. We will supply you with an unofficial copy of everything that is inside the envelope, so you are aware of what is inside.