#Proud2BeSAUSD Profiles

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    Lindsie Hardy

    Meet Lindsie Hardy, proud SAUSD employee!
    Hardy joined the SAUSD family one year ago and currently serves as an elementary school music teacher. “This is my first year in the district, and I am thrilled to be in a place where music and the arts are valued and prioritized!” she said.
    Hardy loves developing the curriculum for the District's first ever Preschool Music Program. This program provides young children with musical experiences that can support their language development, social emotional skills, fine and gross motor skills, and cognition in a fun and exploratory environment.
    “I am #Proud2BeSAUSD because we are piloting a Preschool Music Program that gives music to all 133 preschool classrooms in the District!”

    Meet Arie Lugo, proud SAUSD employee!

    Lugo recently joined the SAUSD family and currently serves as a pre-k music teacher. “It's a true joy to contribute to this learning community and provide a quality arts program for our young leaders,” she said.

    What Lugo mostly enjoys about working at SAUSD is the spirit of collaboration between educators. 

    “I am #Proud2BeSAUSD because we are a district that offers music to all students from Pre-K to 8th Grade!"

    Lisset Soria 

    Meet Lisset Soria, proud SAUSD alumna and employee!

    Soria has worked at SAUSD for five years and currently serves as a secretary in the Building Services department. She is also a proud product of SAUSD, having attended Mendez Fundamental Intermediate School and Godinez Fundamental High School.

    While a senior at Godinez, Soria assisted in the school’s front office as part of an elective class and discovered that she enjoyed helping her school community by providing them with quality customer service. Soria says the opportunity allowed her to gain the necessary skills to apply for an office assistant position at her alma mater after graduating from high school.

    “I am #Proud2BeSAUSD because my mission at Building Services is to provide quality service to where our custodial staff are happy and understood. I strive to go the extra mile to make a difference for my department."




    Meet Annie Young, proud SAUSD employee!

    Young has worked at SAUSD for 5 years and currently serves as special education teacher in the adult transition program. One of her favorite things about SAUSD are the wonderful programs that the District offers to students to prepare them to become amazing leaders and citizens in their community. Young considers SAUSD’s adult transition program one of the best programs around. She loves coming to work every day to wonderful students and coworkers. 

    “I am #Proud2BeSAUSD and to teach alongside other amazing caring educators and I am also proud that my own children attend Santa Ana schools.”


    ¡Conozca a Annie Young, orgullosa empleada de SAUSD! 

    Young ha trabajado en SAUSD durante 5 años y actualmente se desempeña como maestra de educación especial en el programa de transición para adultos. Una de sus cosas favoritas sobre SAUSD son los maravillosos programas que el Distrito ofrece a los estudiantes para prepararlos para convertirse en líderes y ciudadanos increíbles en su comunidad. Young considera que el programa de transición para adultos de SAUSD es uno de los mejores programas que existen. Le encanta venir a trabajar todos los días con estudiantes y compañeros de trabajo maravillosos.

    “Soy orgullosa de ser parte de SAUSD y de poder enseñar junto con otros educadores maravillosos y cariñosos y también estoy orgullosa de que mis propios hijos asistan a las escuelas de Santa Ana.”


    Meet Gabriela Regalado, a proud SAUSD parent!

    One of Regalado’s favorite things about SAUSD is the endless support that the District provides to all parents. Each SAUSD school that her children attended has offered her many opportunities to participate in parent workshops that have equipped her with the skills and knowledge to better understand the educational academic system and guide her to succeed in her own personal and professional life. 

    “I am so #Proud2BeSAUSD because thanks to all the support that I received as a parent in this District, I had the amazing opportunity to learn English, graduate from adult high school, earn an AA degree from Santa Ana College and graduate from California State University, Fullerton.”


    ¡Conozca a Gabriela Regalado, una orgullosa madre de SAUSD!

    Una de las cosas favoritas de Regalado sobre SAUSD es el apoyo interminable que el Distrito brinda a todos los padres. Cada escuela de SAUSD a la que asistieron sus hijos le ha ofrecido muchas oportunidades para participar en talleres para padres que la han equipado con las habilidades y el conocimiento para comprender mejor el sistema académico educativo y guiarla para tener éxito en su propia vida personal y profesional.

    “Estoy orgullosa de ser parte de SAUSD porque gracias a todo el apoyo que recibí como padre en este Distrito, tuve la increíble oportunidad de aprender inglés, graduarme de la escuela secundaria para adultos, obtener un título AA de Santa Ana College y graduarme de California State Universidad, Fullerton ".



    Stella Solares


    Meet Stella Solares, proud SAUSD employee!

    Stella has worked at SAUSD for 22 years and currently serves as an administrative clerk in the Support Services department. One of her favorite things about working at SAUSD is the Seamless Summer meal program that the District offers each summer, because the program focuses on feeding our community, not just our students.

    One of Stella’s favorite things about SAUSD is the amazing support services team that she works with and also welcoming students and their families of diverse backgrounds and cultures to our school district for enrollment. 

    “I am #Proud2BeSAUSD because my mission at Support Services is to provide a quality service where customers are satisfied and happy. With my knowledge and resources, I strive to be a positive role model by going the extra mile to make a difference for my community. With my exclusive skills and abilities, I will continue to assist the public needs and grow into a stronger and effective person to overall empower my community each day.”


    Leo Eli Santos-Moreno

    Meet Leo Eli Santos-Moreno, a fourth grade student at King Elementary.

    Santos-Moreno appreciates the various educational opportunities that are provided to him at SAUSD. The programs and activities make learning engaging and fun for him.

    “I love my school principal, he's very nice and treats us all with respect. I can't wait to go back to school and see all my friends.”

    Sergio Santos Jr.

    Meet Sergio Santos Jr., a third grade student at King Elementary.

    For Santos, SAUSD is a place that provides him with a wide variety of resources and tools that help him stay connected with his school. He is particularly thankful for his school providing him with a computer and having the access to continue learning remotely from home.

    “My school principal is very nice. I can’t wait to go back to school and see my friends.”

    Patricia Hernandez

    Meet Patricia Hernandez, a proud SAUSD employee!

    Hernandez is an activity monitor at Wilson Elementary.

    For Hernandez, the variety of programs offered and the quality of education provided to children are her favorite things about SAUSD. She also appreciates the training that is provided to staff and that SAUSD provides a respectful environment for all.

    “I am #Proud2BeSAUSD because as a child, I attended SAUSD schools and now my children are also attending SAUSD schools. SAUSD really cares for the students and staff.”

    Ruben Mata

    Meet Ruben Mata, a proud SAUSD employee!

    Mata is a computer technician at Edison Elementary School, and a proud product of SAUSD. He attended Carver Elementary, Romero-Cruz Elementary, Willard Intermediate, and Middle College High School.

    One of his favorite things about SAUSD is the sense of community and service.

    For Mata, the learning never stops. When he was younger, SAUSD helped him grow as a student. Now as an employee, SAUSD continues to help him grow as a professional.

    “I am #Proud2BeSAUSD because as an SAUSD alumni turned employee, it really is a fulfilling experience to be able to return to the institution that really impacted my formative years and have the opportunity to do the same for the generations of tomorrow.”

    Jessica Martinez

    Meet Jessica Martinez, a proud SAUSD alum!
    Martinez attended Garfield Elementary, Villa Fundamental Intermediate, and Century High School. 
    After graduating from Century High School in 2011, Martinezearned her Bachelors of Arts Human Development degree, Masters of Science in Occupational Therapy, and is now a registered and licensed occupational therapist. 
    One of her favorite things about SAUSD is the close knit community one forms with friends, professors, but most importantly the community. 
    “SAUSD taught me how to be resilient and show the world what our beautiful community has to offer: kind, good hearted, smart, caring individuals who want to make a difference. I will forever be proud of being SAUSD. Si se puede (yes we can)!”

    Jazmin Garcia

    Meet Jazmin Garcia, a proud SAUSD alum and parent! 
    Garcia attended Pio Pico Elementary, Lathrop Intermediate, and Santa Ana High School. 
    After graduating from Santa Ana High School in 2004, Garcia discovered her passion for helping others. After working in the District for 10 years, under various assignments as a substitute teacher assistant, she decided to pursue a career in school psychology. 
    “It took me some years to get to where I am! From 2004 and now I got married to a SAUSD alumni, Stephen Garcia class of 2002. We have two beautiful children Mia and Stephen, who both attend John Muir Fundamental Elementary.” she said.  
    Garcia strives to always set an example for her children as well as the youth in her community to never give up on their dreams. Her passion for helping others fulfills her purpose. Garcia hopes to help as many children as possible as she gets closer to completing her psychology degree. 
    “I am #Proud2BeSAUSD because we make sure that our students have all the necessary resources for them to be successful. SAUSD is the best school district to work for, be a parent, student, and alumni!”

    Carah Reed

    Meet Carah Reed, a proud SAUSD parent!

    Aside from being an SAUSD parent, Reed is also an SAUSD high school teacher and a resident of Santa Ana.

    For Reed, SAUSD is a school district that has so much to offer, but the collective community is what is best to her.

    “My daughter is getting a great education with top of the line educators who care deeply about her education.”

    Kelley Katz

    Meet Kelley Katz, a proud SAUSD employee!

    Katz is an assistant principal at Lorin Griset Academy.

    One of her favorite things about SAUSD are the people. “I love the people and their passion,” she said. “I am so grateful to be here. Being assistant principal at Lorin Griset Academy is truly my dream job. I am proud to be part of such a compassionate organization.”

    Sandra Lopez

    Meet Sandra Lopez, a proud SAUSD parent!

    Lopez is a mother of six children: quintuplets who attend Madison Elementary School and a daughter who attends Saddleback High School. 

    Lopez is also a proud product of SAUSD schools, having attended Madison, Lincoln, and Fremont. 

    One of her favorite things about SAUSD is the amount of unwavering support her family has received from SAUSD, especially during these challenging times. 

    “Everyone at SAUSD has always been very helpful with my 9 year old quintuplets and my 14-year-old daughter. Especially right now with the COVID-19 pandemic.” 

    For Lopez, SAUSD is a school district that truly cares and helps students, parents, and staff. For this reason and more, SAUSD has been the best choice for her children’s education.  

    Carlos Molina

    Meet Carlos Molina, a second grade student at Monte Vista Elementary School.

    For Molina, SAUSD is a place that provides him with many learning opportunities, a place where he meets new friends, but above all, a place where he can learn how to speak, read and write a new language, English.

    Molina loves learning. He appreciates and is taking full advantage of all the wonderful opportunities that SAUSD has to offer.

    Haley Guzze

    Meet Haley Guzze, a fourth grade student at Greenville Fundamental Elementary School.

    A few of Haley’s favorite things about SAUSD are the library and the nurse’s office at her school.

    Haley was diagnosed with diabetes at a very young age. She loves her school and the school nurse because they provide her with a very safe environment.

    “I am #Proud2BeSAUSD because everyone makes me feel normal and that I belong. I have been diabetic since the age of four and I was scared, but the school nurse is amazing.”

    David Diaz

    Meet David Diaz, a proud SAUSD employee!

    Diaz is a school counselor at McFadden Intermediate School, and proud product of SAUSD. He attended Greenville Fundamental, MacArthur Fundamental and Segerstrom High schools.

    One of his favorite things about SAUSD is the dedicated staff. While he was a student at SAUSD schools, his teachers and coaches guided him and have continued to help him up to this point in his life as an SAUSD employee. “I am truly surrounded by great human beings that love the community that I hold most dear,” he said. 

    “I am #Proud2BeSAUSD because it's the school community that I grew up in and am proud to still live in, while helping to pay it forward as a school counselor!”

    Patricia Medrano

    Meet Patricia Medrano, a proud SAUSD employee!

    Medrano has worked in SAUSD as an early childhood education teacher for seven years. 

    Some of her favorite things about working at SAUSD are the students and the community of families that she serves. 

    “I am #Proud2beSAUSD because our Early Childhood Program ensures that children enter kindergarten ready to succeed! I love working for SAUSD!”

    Irene Elson

    Meet Irene Elson, a proud SAUSD parent!

    Elson is a mother of three children who attend Muir Fundamental Elementary, Mendez Fundamental Intermediate and Middle College High School. 

    Elson is also a product of SAUSD, having attended Muir Fundamental Elementary, MacArthur Fundamental Intermediate, and Saddleback High School. Her children are third generation SAUSD students, as her parents also attended SAUSD schools. 

    One of Elson’s favorite things about SAUSD is that it offers many choices of schools and programs to best fit the needs of every child.  

    Elson tells all her friends and family that SAUSD is the best school district around. 

    “They built a community of schools where we get to choose a school where our children would most succeed the most,” she said. “We chose fundamental but I could have chosen a neighborhood school, charter or Spanish immersion. The options are many and help families meet the child’s needs. We are not a cookie cutter school system and that is why I love SAUSD!”

    An Ho

    Meet An Ho, a proud SAUSD alumn!

    Ho migrated from a different country during his high school years to Saddleback High School. Without knowing or speaking any English he said: “The warm welcome I received was one of the best things that happened to me.” 

    He credits SAUSD for the great support system that it offers students. From its many amazing programs to the wonderful supportive staff, SAUSD provides everything students need to be successful, he said. 

    Ho graduated from Saddleback in 2016. In May 2020, he graduated from the University of California, Berkeley with a degree in Computer Science.

    He is currently working as a Software Developer Engineer at Amazon.


    Meet Claudia Amezquita, a proud SAUSD alum!

    Amezquita was born and raised in Santa Ana. She still resides in the city and teaches fourth grade at the same elementary school that she attended, Lowell Elementary School. She also attended Hoover Elementary, Sierra Preparatory Academy, and Santa Ana High School. 

    After graduating from Santa Ana High School in 1991, Amezquita attended Santa Ana College where she earned an associate’s degree. She also attended California State University, Fullerton and obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in Child & Adolescent Studies, a Masters in Education, Curriculum & Multiple Subject Teaching credential and a Bilingual Authorization, Bilingual, Cross-Cultural, Language and Academic Development (BCLAD).

    Amezquita takes great pride in serving the community that she feels connected to and considers home. She regularly sports shirts and jackets with SAUSD and school logos because she enjoys seeing the look on children’s faces when they recognize the logos. 

    She often wears her high school letterman jacket to Lowell. When students ask her about it, she proudly shares her story with them. Her students enjoy learning that she also attended and graduated from SAUSD schools; she is one of them.

    “As a student I always felt supported by my teachers and schools. As a teacher now teaching fourth grade at Lowell Elementary, I feel I have come full circle. I take pride in representing my old elementary and I strive my best everyday to support my students and families the same way I was supported. As an educator and a professional, I know that SAUSD will continue to support me and keep me updated with the newest and best teaching practices. I am SAUSD.”

    Jack Guzze

    Meet Jack Guzze, a sixth grade student at MacArthur Fundamental Intermediate School. 
    For Guzze, SAUSD is a place that feels like family. He has awesome teachers that support him every step of the way with his education and instill confidence in him to achieve his dreams.
    “I am #Proud2BeSAUSD because my school makes me feel empowered and supported. I know I can and will change the world in a positive way!”

    Nena Kellar

    Meet Nena Kellar, an art teacher at Century High School. 
    One of her favorite things about SAUSD is the strong sense of community and belonging.
    “I'm #Proud2BeSAUSD because through teaching our students, I get to help them realize how truly resilient they are. I get to help them build their confidence and make their stories come to life in a creative way that they never thought possible. Our kids in SAUSD have such rich and powerful stories, experiences, and cultures that should be celebrated and shared!”

    Joe Rico

    Meet Joe Rico, a proud SAUSD employee!

    Rico is a computer technician for SAUSD, and proud product of SAUSD. He attended Heninger Elementary, Willard Intermediate and Santa Ana High School.

    One of his favorite things about SAUSD is the dedicated and hard working staff that work collectively to create an impact in the lives of students. SAUSD supports students, staff, and the community in many different ways. The District provides students with a secure and stimulating atmosphere in which it allows children to grow and mature emotionally, intellectually, cognitively, physically, and socially by providing the concept of the whole child. SAUSD values and assists students in discovering their true identity and allows them to express their opinions and nurture their own ideas. Every classroom represents a unique community of learners that varies not only in abilities but also in learning styles. SAUSD helps students move forward.

    “I am #Proud2BeSAUSD because as an alumni of SAUSD I met many amazing teachers and staff that created a lasting impact in my life by providing support and being my pillars of success. As a SAUSD employee I received many professional developments that have helped me become successful in the pursuit of my future endeavors. SAUSD is a family and are here to support one another. We are flexible and adaptable, and we are here to ensure that our students are successful and college ready.”

    Cecilia Bautista

    Meet Cecilia Bautista, a proud SAUSD parent!

    Bautista is a mother of three daughters: two Century High School students and one college student.

    One of her favorite things about SAUSD are the opportunities that the District provides for parents to participate in programs that are offered in schools. SAUSD allows her to volunteer and thus be able to be more involved in her children's education and be able to have a closer relationship with the teachers.

    "I am #Proud2BeSAUSD because SAUSD offers many classes and programs with opportunities for students to receive a good education."

     Abraham Valdivia

    Meet Abraham Valdivia, a Kindergarten student at Madison Elementary School.

    One of his favorite things about SAUSD is that he gets to interact with really cool teachers who make lessons interesting and inspire students to work hard.

    Valdivia is #Proud2beSAUSD because SAUSD’s staff offers a lot of support, the facilities are great, and the standard of learning is excellent.

    “I wouldn't choose any other district, SAUSD is the best!”

    Mariela Alonzo

    Meet Mariela Alonzo, proud SAUSD employee!

    Mariela has worked as a nutrition services assistant in the District for 5 years. One of her favorite things about working at SAUSD is the Seamless Summer meal program that the District offers each summer, because the program focuses on feeding our community, not just our students.

    “I am proud to be part of SAUSD because I know my work makes a difference in my community. Every meal that passes through my hands is a student with a happy belly.”

    Mariela is also a very proud SAUSD parent of 2 children who currently attend Mendez Fundamental and Romero-Cruz Academy.

     Hugo Sierra

    Meet Hugo Sierra, proud SAUSD alum! 

    Hugo attended Edison Elementary, Lathrop Intermediate and Saddleback High School. After graduating from Saddleback High School in 2006, Hugo attended Chapman University where he obtained a Bachelor's degree in Math and later enrolled at Concordia University, Irvine for his Doctorate degree.

    One of Hugo’s favorite things about SAUSD are the teachers. “I learned the value of education from my K-12 SAUSD teachers. My parents were unable to pursue a formal education and left their home country in an attempt for a better life. Unfortunately, they were not able to assist me with academics but I was fortunate to have outstanding educators that were willing to mentor me throughout my SAUSD education and college. Till this day I still rely on them for their continuous support and advice and attribute my success to them.”

    Hugo graduated earlier this year in May with his Doctoral of Education degree in leadership organization in the college of education from Concordia University, Irvine.

    “I am #Proud2BeSAUSD because growing up my pathway was not college. Being first generation, college was not on my to do list. My SAUSD teachers provided the support I needed to become successful and I am proud to say that because of SAUSD I just received my Doctoral of Education! I am proud to say I am the product of the Santa Ana USD public school system.”

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