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    TEACHER NAME:  Mr. Century


    Telephone: (714) 568-7000 



    Department:  Athletics

    Subject: School Spirit


    Period 1 - Prep Period

    Period 2 - Sports I

    Period 3 - Sports II

    Period 4 - Sports I

    Period 5 - Sports II

    Period 6 - Sports III


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    Welcome to our virtual classroom hub! We're thrilled to have both students and parents aboard for a year of learning, growth, and a few "aha!" moments that might even impress our resident class goldfish.


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    Dive into the world of words and imagination in our 10th grade English class. From classic literature to modern storytelling, we'll explore the power of language, dissect stories, and sharpen your communication skills for a journey that's both enlightening and entertaining.


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    You'll find me waltzing through the hallowed halls of Century High School, where I've been teaching "Time Travel 101" since, well, before they had actual textbooks. With my trusty hourglass and a whiteboard that's seen more equations than a mathlete's nightmare, I make history come alive—sometimes a little too alive when my ancient parchment notes decide to scatter like confetti during a pep rally. Don't be surprised if you catch me reminiscing about the days when chalkboards were cutting-edge technology or sharing tips on how to ace your exams without a crystal ball (spoiler: it involves studying).



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