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    Santa Ana Unified School District

     COVID-19 Testing for Students, Staff, & SAUSD Volunteers/Interns

    Click Here to view the SAUSD COVID Testing Schedule, which starts on October 11, 2021.

    The Santa Ana Unified School District is committed to providing high-quality, in-person education in the 2021-22 school year in a manner that safeguards the health of students, teachers, and staff.  Testing will help determine the prevalence of the virus in the school community and help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

    To ensure the safest environment possible, SAUSD is working with its health partner, DLS, who are experts in their respective fields, to conduct weekly COVID-19 testing for all students and employees, regardless of their vaccination status.  Beginning 9/20/21, all SAUSD staff members and students will be required take a COVID-19 test once a week.  Testing will be conducted during the school day by a mobile team; parents do not have to schedule those tests.   Students who do not wish to participate in the district’s COVID-19 testing program will not be permitted to return to school in-person and may enroll in the District's virtual academy or online independent study program.  There is no charge to Santa Ana Unified students or employees for COVID-19 testing.

    As part of this process, parents/guardians must provide consent for their child or children to participate in testing, and SAUSD staff members must provide consent to be tested. Testing will be offered through three age-appropriate options: nasal swab, oral swab, or saliva kit.  More information on when testing will start for students and staff will be provided shortly.

    COVID-19 Weekly Testing consent forms are still being accepted.

    The due date for the consent forms has been extended until futher notice.  Written consent forms can be returned to the child's school, or employee's supervisor.  Scroll further down for the consent forms.  Parents that do not want to consent for weekly COVID-19 testing will have to enroll their students to the Santa Ana Virtual Academy.    Click Here here more information regarding the Santa Ana Virtual Academy.

    Please take a minute to watch the following video to learn more about how the test is performed and what to expect during the process.   


    Video (English)          Video (Español)

    FAQs: Click Here for additional information regarding the required COVID-19 Testing.

    PREGUNTAS FRECUENTES: Haga clic aquí para obtener información adicional sobre la requerida prueba de COVID-19.

    Câu hỏi thường gặp: Nhấp vào đây để biết thêm thông tin về Kiểm tra COVID-19 được yêu cầu.

    Consent Forms

    Please click on the link or scan QR code below to complete the consent form.
    You can also download the consent form by clicking:

    English - PDF Consent Form

    Español - formulario de consentimiento

    Tiếng Việt - đơn đồng ý


    Instructions on completing the online form are available by clicking here.
    All information provided will be kept confidential. Weekly testing of all of our students and staff, in addition to mask wearing and the other ongoing health and safety protocols, will allow our schools to remain among the safest places for children in the community. Thanks again for your ongoing support.

    Testing Exemptions

    Students -  Parents may request a weekly COVID-19 testing exemption by completing the Student Medical Exemption Request Form.  This form must be completed by the student’s legal guardian and health care provider.  The completed form must then be submitted to the school nurse for approval.  The request will then be reviewed for approval. 

    Student Medical Exemptions Forms for COVID-19 Testing

    Student Medical Exemption Request Form - English

    Formulario de solicitud de exención médica para alumnos - Español

    Đơn Yêu Cầu Miễn Trừ Y Tế cho Học Sinh - Tiếng Việt

    Student Religious Exemptions Forms for COVID-19 Testing

    Student Religious Exemption Request Form

    Formulario de Solicitud de Exención Religiosa del Examen COVID-19 por Parte del Alumno

    Đơn Yêu Cầu Miễn Trừ Y Tế cho Học Sinh

    Staff - Staff members are not able to request exemptions for weekly COVID-19 testing. 

    Click here for the California Department of Public Health order for weekly COVID-19 testing for workers in schools.  

    "What Happens Next?"

    I got tested through the Santa Ana Unified COVID-19 Testing Program. 

    Got Tested

    See Telemundo 52 segment, which includes an interview with one of our parents who said she’s happy with the cheek swab testing. She said her son didn’t feel any discomfort when he was tested Friday.

    Video 2


    SAUSD - COVID Task Force

    (Phone) 714-480-5282                (Email) CovidTaskForce@sausd.us