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    Teacher: Mrs Maria Johnson                

    Email:  maria.johnson@sausdlearns.net

    Academic Year: 2021-2022

    Room: C109 downstairs 

    Textbook:  Senderos / Exprésate Levels 2 & 3


    Segerstrom High School Mission Statement:  To maintain a challenging and supportive environment which empowers students to develop skills and strategies necessary for post-secondary success.



    I am looking forward to working with your child this year. Your child will have the opportunity to learn to read, write and speak in Spanish in many different ways. I anticipate an exciting year full of fun filled and challenging activities. In order to ensure the success of your child we encourage you to review the following classroom expectations. 

     Classroom Behavior: 

    1. Students must be prepared for class every day and must be in the classroom and ARRIVE ON TIME with their CHROMEBOOK CHARGED with CHARGER CORD, & HEADPHONES so that I can see them!  All ChromeBooks should be charged at night!
    2. Students are expected to follow the CLASSROOM RULES and SEGERSTROM RULES OF DISCIPLINE. Students who DO NOT abide by the rules will receive phone calls to parents, detention, and office referrals to counselor or administrator for severe or repeated offenses.  
    3. Students are expected to be respectful to their peers and teachers, stay on task, and not talk during instruction without permission.   
    4. Students are expected to follow ‘Segerstrom’s Academic Honesty Policy’ for all assignments, projects and tests. Teachers can only provide quality instruction based on quality information.  If you cheat, the teacher no longer knows what you are capable of on your own.  By doing your own work - good or bad - the teachers know what you are capable of and can adjust their instruction accordingly.  This ensures  I see your best effort, not someone else's. Students must not: copy others or allow others to copy your assignments, tests, projects, quizzes, etc.,  work on assignments with others, unless authorized by the teacher, allow others to complete an assignment for you (other students, parent, tutor, etc.), change answers to a test/assignment/quiz, etc. after it has been turned in.  Do not possess or use unauthorized materials (cheat sheets, cell phones, etc.) during an assessment (test, quiz, etc.) plagiarize work from printed or electronic sources, use  intellectual property of others without properly citing the sources used. 
    5. Students are encouraged  to have a quiet place at home where they can study or  complete assignments.
    6. Students have been assigned a "Google account" which may be used to complete all assignments.  Google Accounts include Google Slides, Google Docs, Google Classroom and many more.  
    7. Many assignments require word processing, research, and multimedia. Thus, ChromeBooks have been provided to all students. Please let me know if you will be using another device.  Use of CELL PHONES WILL NOT BE PERMITTED WITHOUT THE TEACHER'S PERMISSION.  They limit what can be done in class. 
    8. Assignments are given daily. Assignments and lessons will be posted in Google Classroom under the CLASSWORK section. News and information will be found in the STREAM.  Handouts and classwork sheets and assessments will also be available in Google Classroom G/CR.  See Aeries for login information. Many assignments will be due at the next class meeting, others will be due at a later date or by Friday.  If so, you will be notified, otherwise stay on top of the homework by completing it daily. 
    9. Late Work Policy -  LATE WORK WILL ONLY BE ACCEPTED AT MY DISCRETION.  STUDENT LATE WORK WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED OR GRADED AFTER 1 (WEEK) OF ITS ORIGINAL DUE DATE.  IF ADDITIONAL TIME IS REQUIRED, TEACHER'S APPROVAL MUST BE MAINTAINED. PLEASE TALK TO ME!  I allow "one late freebie" though.  You still need to turn in your work if it's late. You get one "oops" per semester at no cost to your grade on the assignment. After a unit benchmark/exam is completed, not late or make up work will be accepted.
    10. If a student is absent, s/he must turn in the work assigned from the last day they were present in class when they return to class.
    11. Make up work-  Students are responsible for making up all assignments during their absence.  It should be made up within ONE WEEK. After that a ZERO will be given.   Make arrangements with me to complete make-up work. ** No make-up work is provided for homework, quizzes, or tests when an absence is marked as UNEXCUSED/ TRUANT!!!! 
    12. Below average test grade- If a student receives a 69% or below on an assessment, s/he will have the opportunity to retake the test once.  A student must attend a thirty-minute session during tutorials before s/he will be allowed to retake the assessment.  The original grade and the make-up grade will be averaged. The averaged grade will be the recorded score.
    13. Assignments- Assignments include written assignments, reading, projects/ presentations, and studying.   
    14. Extra Credit- Generally extra credit WILL NOT be given to make up for missed assignments, however, extra points/bravo points are given during some class competitions, when exemplary work is completed, and if students attend tutoring. Students can earn upto 25 extra credit points if  up to 5 tutoring sessions are attended, 5 points per tutoring = 25 points total for the semester.   This is at my discretion.  All assignments should be completed to the best of your ability.  
    15. Grading  Scale/ Weights :














    • Students’ academic grades will be based on the accumulation of points earned on homework, class assignments, projects, tests/quizzes, and class participation. 



    1. The grades will be computed on the following: 20. Materials needed:                                             

    40%  Assignments/Oral Participation/Dialogues/Participation in ZOOM/Meets

    25%  Tests

    20%  Quizzes/Projects

    15%  Final Exam

    * Note The WL Department does round up at .05 at the final grading period. 


    1. 17. PARENTS - AERIES Parent Portal… 

    With our new grading program, parents will now be able to access their child’s current grade by logging into the school’s website and accessing the Aeries parent portal.  To access the site, you will need to call the school’s main office or student's counselor to obtain a passwordPARENTS, PLEASE CHECK STUDENT'S GRADES ON AERIES WEEKLY AND CONTACT ME VIA EMAIL IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS OR CONCERNS. PLEASE DO NOT WAIT UNTIL YOUR CHILD IS FAILING TO CONTACT ME. CONTACT ME ASAP. 

    1. TUTORIALS - Every Spanish teacher offers tutorial sessions on different days of the week.   Although it is preferable that students attend tutorial sessions with their teacher, students may attend tutorial sessions with any of the Spanish teachers when they need assistance.  (Tutorial Schedule available on Segerstrom’s website.)  The date of my tutorial(s) will be announced in the first week of class. 

    If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.  I check my email  daily once before school, at lunch and once after school.  I do not check email after 4:00 PM nor on weekends. 

    You may leave a message at (714) 241-5000 or via E-mail:  maria.johnson@sausdlearns.net

    1. EMAIL *** Write your PERIOD # , and THE TOPIC of your email on the SUBJECT LINE of your email. 

    I'm looking forward to getting to know you and having a great year facilitating your learning of español.


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