Mission and Vision at Segerstrom High

  • To maintain a community that provides a challenging and supportive  environment, which empowers students to develop the skills and strategies necessary for post-secondary success.

  • Responsibility

    Students will come to class prepared with the proper materials to be successful. This means they will have their ELA notebook, a charged chromebook, an independent reading novel, and paper/pencils when they report to class each day. They will write down the objective for the day in their agenda and any homework that they need to complete. Students can access all their work and our daily agenda through google classroom

  • Respect

    Students will be respectful of their peers in their words and actions. Students will feel safe in this classroom and that only occurs when we all respect eachother. We will respect eachother's time and effort in this classroom. Success is the outcome of respect for eachother's work and effort. 

  • Resiliance 

    I can't promise that class will be easy, but I can promise that it will be rewarding. You will be challenged to read and write material you haven't worked with before. You will be expected to work with teams to complete projects. You will have to make presentations to your peers about important topics. As long as you bring your best self to class everyday and are prepared to give it your all, you will have a successful year!